Terence Pierce Passes Gravette Milestone

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Terence Pierce of Gravette high school did something this past Friday that many student athletes never get the chance to do. He broke the all-time scoring record at Gravette of 1,623 points. The record was previously held by Mike Queen, who set the record 17 years ago.  The arena was packed. The students were counting down and when Pierce hit the three to break the record, the crowd erupted.

Pierce and head coach Dustin Peters were hoping the record would fall quickly.

"I'm glad to get it over with and get all this mess out of the way,"  said head coach Dustin Peters.  "Now we can concentrate on basketball again."

"I was hoping it would go a little smoother than that, but it was nice when that last shot finally went down and I could stop thinking about it and just get that out of the way," said senior guard Terence Pierce.  "It's a huge accomplishment and it feels pretty good."

Pierce credits this milestone to his teammates.

"This group has decided to help me a little more by scoring themselves so defenses can't just focus on me and it has been a big help." said Pierce.

With many more games to play this season coach Peters knows Pierce is far from done.

"He's going to continue to get that number where nobody else will be able to get it," said Peters.