Walmart Waives Sam’s Club Membership For Water Contamination Victims

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Walmart is stepping up to help those in West Virginia affected by the recent Elk River chemical contamination.

Walmart officials announced this week it will open up eight Sam’s Club locations to allow the affected communities access to purchase drinking water ready-to-eat meals, merchandise and services, according to a statement released by the retailer.

Customers at Sam’s Club are usually required to carry a paid membership. Company officials said by waiving the membership for the locations in and around West Virginia, resources are now opened up for those who need clean food and water.

“We understand the life-altering and potentially devastating effect this situation can have, not just on households, but for small businesses and restaurants that depend on water for their livelihood,” said Lance De La Rosa, Sam’s Club senior vice president of operations for the company’s East Division. “We want to make sure the communities in West Virginia and the surrounding states have access to purchase the resources they need to persevere through this tragedy.”

Click here to read Walmart’s statement and see the Sam’s Club locations waiving membership requirements.


  • Michael

    This is awesome, way to go Walmart/Sam’s club. I am glad and thankful to hear that y’all are doing this for those who are affected in West Virginia. Thanks for your support to our local communities.

  • AGT C

    Why didn’t Walmart donate water instead to the victim’s at least donating would have helped everybody.Walmart can afford to donate!

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