University Of Arkansas Offering New Ways For Low Income Students To Afford College

Posted on: 6:55 pm, January 17, 2014, by

More low-income kids might have a shot at college, under a new program at the University of Arkansas.

U-of-A Chancellor G. David Gearhart returned to Fayetteville from Washington D.C. on Friday (Jan. 17) after a day-long Presidential summit.

The topic was how low-income students and families can afford college.

The Chancellor spoke with 5NEWS reporter Austin Reed about his plans. Watch the video above for the full interview.


  • Retired says:

    Let’s throw more money at them and not hold their feet to the fire for anything in return. Kids need to “own” their ability to get money….let’s quit encouraging a bunch of spoiled, enabled children and young adults

  • Elamax00 says:

    Liberals believe in more than just equal opportunity; they want equal results. Trouble is not everyone is smart enough and/or ambitious enough to make it through college.. Throwing money away by trying to put every person, regardless of intellect, in college is not the answer. It may feel good to do so but it is a frivolous endeavor. Socialism never works. History has proven that.

  • Larry says:

    Just like the Laws of Physics, the Laws of Economics are something liberals fail to recognize.

  • Retired says:

    There is no reason to bring politics into it….Just as many Republican’s children as Democrat’s children are spoiled and enabled. They are all riding the “it’s free, so let’s get it” train.

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