Official: No Evidence Of Shooting On OU Campus

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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR-TV Channel 4)  — Officials at the University of Oklahoma say they believe a shots-fired call that went out to students across the campus was a false alarm.

Norman police were called to the OU campus around 11:15 a.m. on Wednesday after several people reported hearing gunshots coming from Gould Hall.

Norman police and OU police began locking down the campus.

Students received a text message saying, “OU Emergency: Shooting on campus. Avoid Gould Hall. Seek immediate shelter in place.”

Several students tweeted about the possible shooting, saying they were locked in their classrooms and watching live coverage of the events just outside their door.

Norman police officers at the scene say SWAT teams were activated and the building has been cleared.

However, they thought there may have been one person still “outstanding” on the third floor of Gould Hall.

OU officials told students to stay away from windows and to stay put until the investigation was complete.

Gould Hall is located on the South Oval and houses the College of Architecture.

Shortly after 12 p.m., Catherine Bishop, with the University of Oklahoma, said in a statement Wednesday, “As of this time, no evidence has been found of any shots being fired. There are no injuries reported at this time. Both the Norman and OU Police Department have very quickly responded as well as emergency personnel. President Boren is at the scene. Norman campus operations have resumed except for Gould Hall where additional checking is continuing.”

President Boren is telling students at Gaylord College they believe the shots fired call was a result of a piece of equipment backfiring.

Students can be seen walking out of Gaylord Hall.

Officials say students are resuming normal activities, except for those at Gould Hall.

However, we are getting word that Norman police are close to wrapping up the investigation.

At this time, there were no reports of injuries and no one was taken into custody.


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