Titans Safety Visits Mansfield

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George Wilson might not be a household name when it comes to middle school aged kids but their parents likely remember him from his playing days at Arkansas.

Wilson left the Razorbacks as the second leading receiver in school history but he came back to the area to speak to the Mansfield middle school.

Wilson spoke the a packed gym about eating healthy and staying active as part of the NFL's "Fuel Up to Play 60" campaign in partnership with the Midwest Dairy Council.

Mansfield was rewarded with the visit as a prize after students took part in various activities showing their commitment to staying active.

"It's a program put on the by the national dairy council and the NFL to put the power in the kids, the student's hands," Wilson said. "Allow them to implement and recommend changes that they need."

Wilson has had to change himself but not with his diet. After spending parts of four seasons with the Buffalo Bills, Wilson moved to safety. It was then when Wilson had to decide whether to keep going or walk away from the game.

After returning a Tony Romo interception back for a touchdown on Monday Night Football, Wilson knew he made the right call.

"It was about eight to 10 seconds for me to run that interception back and just make all the years of pursuing that dream," Wilson said. "The good decisions, the bad decisions. Successes and failures. Wins and losses. Good decisions and bad decisions. They all played a part to me being able to realize that moment and experience that moment. I wouldn't trade any of those things for anything."

Wilson has registerd 13 interceptions in his career, including one this past season as a member of the Tennessee Titans.

After just finishing his 10th season in the NFL, Wilson isn't planning on slowing down.

"I would love to continue playing until my body tells me I no longer can do it or until my services are no longer needed," Wilson said. "I'm going to make them kick me out of the NFL."