Former Teacher Gets Probation For Recording Boys In Bathroom

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A former Van Buren substitute teacher pleaded guilty Friday to video recording two young boys using a urinal at a local elementary school last year.

Keith Dickens, 43, pleaded guilty to video voyeurism, receiving five years of supervised probation. He also must register as a sex offender and receive sex offender counseling, said Crawford County Prosecutor Marc McCune.

Dickens also agreed to have no unsupervised contact with minors, directly or indirectly, through any social media, McCune said.

The incident for which Dickens was arrested last January happened at Tate Elementary School in Van Buren, where he was a substitute teacher. Two second-graders told a teacher they were in the bathroom using the urinals when they noticed a hand holding a cell phone underneath the stall, said James Damante, chief deputy for the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

Dickens had no previous criminal history and had never before been arrested in the state, according to the Arkansas Crime Information Center.

Dickens was a substitute in the school district since about 2006 and a referee at Boys’ Club basketball games, the chief deputy said.

The school district says all of their substitute teachers must go through a background check and training.


  • Sarah 1

    Probation? Laughable at best. This crime is sickening. I hope the parents of the children were notified so they could have input on jail time vs. probation.

  • kathy brown

    It alway seems likke when it comes to children the one committing the crime get a slap on the hand.. this is another sad day for child victims ..

  • dookiebraid

    ch ild mo lesters are usually related to judges or police.. that’s why ch ild mo lestation is acceptable here in Arkansas. especially up here in honkeyville

  • Sarah 1

    If a female teacher had recorded two male students or two female students, the whole community would be up in arms. There is a mentality in this region where men are slapped on the hand yet women are sent packing for years. I wish we had true investigative news team instead of people just holding a job.
    This man committed a crime!

  • Retired

    They are trying to send a message to voters that there is no room in the jail in which to house these types of prisoners. This is just as bad as what New Jersey’s governor did when he wanted to sway a Mayor’s election. Look for other tactics to be thrown at the voter’s of Crawford County prior to voting on the new 1/2 cent sales tax for a new jail. I’m not for the new tax. Do your homework before voting for this new sales tax. Makes me sick that this scum bag is walking around.

  • Marie

    This guy is disgusting. You have to feel like This is not his First crime against children. The kids should have peed on his hands and phone.

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