Hundred-Year-Old Home Burns in Hartford

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A hundred-year-old home in Hartford burned Friday morning (Jan. 24).

Firefighters on scene said there was no one living in the home when it caught fire. The woman who owns the home said she hadn’t lived there for a while, but still did have belongings inside her home that she lost in the fire.

According to crews on site, the fire began on the main level of the home. It then spread quickly into the attic and the roof of the home. That was in part because of the old insulation in the house, according to authorities.

As crews battled the flames, Fire Chief Justin Hoopengarner said cold temperatures caused the hoses to freeze, making it that much harder to put out the fire. The water was spraying back on the firefighters as they worked to get the blaze under control, which caused their bunkers and gear to freeze, Hoopengarner said.

Hoopengarner added that there were no utilities turned on in the house when the fire broke out.

As for what caused the fire, the chief said that’s still under investigation.

Crews from Midland Fire, Mansfield Fire, Hartford Fire and Hartford Volunteer Fire Departments all worked to get the flames put out.