Two Okla. Officers Killed When Patrol Cars Collide

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The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is investigating a high-speed chase that ended in the death of the suspect and two Washita County lawmen.

Washita Co. Undersheriff Brian Beck and Burns Flat Police Officer Kris Willhight were working together to chase down a suspect when their cars collided. Neither survived.

The suspect they were chasing was also killed in a separate wreck. OHP is working to gather details to find out how the wrecks happened.

The Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Department issued the following statement on its Facebook page:

“Please pray for the family and fellow officers of the Burns Flat Police Department and Washita County Sheriff Department. Officer from Burns Flat Police Department was killed in a tragic accident after it collided with the Undersheriff of the Washita County Sheriff Dept this evening. Both officers were killed.”

KFSM sister station KFOR has more details on this story.


  • I am Anon

    Many innocents die from high speed chases. Maybe when some of their own die these macho man high speed chases will stop. Sorry for the families involved.

    • I am Anon

      Absolutely right. BUT, criminals will continue to flee until something is done to make it not worth it. Our justice system needs to be fixed but until it is, someone has to be responsible to safeguard innocents.

  • issac

    we will miss cris he was all of the burns flat foot ball boys hero he would always at are games cheearing us on we will miss him i will miss u cris … from issac and burns flat football boys

  • Sarah 1

    My sympathies to all the families.

    Why were the officers not wearing seat belts? They are not above the law. They would be alive today. I think every police department should have this discussion and levy a fine against any officer not properly belted in.

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