Fayetteville Awarded Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year Award

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Mayor Lioneld Jordan and Community Outreach Coordinator Dede Peters receive the award on behalf of the city of Fayetteville.

For the fifth year in a row, Fayetteville was awarded the Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year Award. It’s given out by the Office of Governor Mike Beebe, the Arkansas Department of Human Services Division of Community Services Nonprofit Support, and the Arkansas Municipal League.

The award was presented to Mayor Lioneld Jordan and representatives of the city of Fayetteville at the Arkansas Municipal League Annual Conference on Thursday (Jan. 30).

According to a press release put out by the Fayetteville Director of Communications, “The Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year Award goes to communities in Arkansas that exemplify a strong volunteer spirit.”

Mayor Jordan said, “Ours is a truly great city, a historic city, a vibrant and academic city, an environmentally-conscious city, a compassionate city, and a city in which our people [make] who we are.”

According to the press release, “During 2012, a $14,550,641.58 economic impact was created by over 38,000 volunteers who gave over 657,000 hours toward improving their own lives and the lives of others in Fayetteville. This is an increase in 100,000 hours over [the previous] year.”

The release also indicated that many hours of service are given to the city itself.

Another factor is the amount of volunteers from the University of Arkansas which reach its growth goal nine years ahead of schedule.

According to records from the University of Arkansas, almost every student volunteers (21,720), providing a contribution of almost $4,000,000 in labor.