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January 31st marks the first day a Social Security check was issued. The check went to Ida May Fuller for $22.54.

Ida May was from Vermont. She was a school teacher, and later a legal secretary. Ida May never married and had no children. Reports show she filed her claim in November 4, 1939 after swinging by an office to ask about possible benefits. She stated, “It wasn’t that I expected anything, mind you, but I knew I’d been paying for something called Social Security.”


  • I am Anon says:

    And boy have we been paying every since!!

  • Opinion says:

    I wish we celebrated “Ida May” day the way we celebrate other holidays. Love, love my Social Security check each month!!!

  • Tony says:

    My uncle complained when they started taking out 2 cents every paycheck for his retirement, which he knew was decades away. Before he past at 94 years old, he said, “This Social Security plan is simply the berries, I surely got a return on MY investment!!!” It is a shame they allowed it to get so messed up!!! They should of kept it totally a “retirement plan.”

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