Man Escapes Police Sting After Sex With 13 Year Old, Report Says

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Police have arrested a Springdale man they say had sex with a 13-year-old girl he met on Facebook before escaping an underage sex sting.

Roberto Batres, 29, was arrested Friday on suspicion of rape and sexual indecency with a child. He remained Friday night in the Washington County Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing, according to the Washington County Detention Center.

A rape report was filed with Springdale police in October stating a local 13-year-old girl had met Batres on Facebook and that he had sex with her after the two met up. The girl told police she met Batres in front of her house and “made out” with him before he touched her private areas. She said he never penetrated her, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

Batres later told detectives during an interview Friday that he had consensual sex with the girl in the passenger seat of his vehicle. After the sexual encounter, he drove the girl back home and never saw her again, he allegedly told police.

Springdale police had attempted to snag Batres in an underage sex sting in November, in which police pretended to be a 13-year-old girl and asked to meet up with Batres. The suspect said he could bring condoms and suggested the detectives bring some too. Police waited for Batres to show up at the designated meeting spot, the Springdale Civic Center, but the suspect never showed up, police said.

Batres later told police he remember the Facebook encounter and that he just wanted to see who wanted to meet up with him, and he was not planning on having sex, the preliminary report states.

Batres was arrested following his interview with police.


  • AGT C

    I think all these teen girls need to be punished as well as the men who meet up with them.If these girls would not talk to these men then we wouldn’t have this problem.I have read about 3 teens just this week that met grown men for s ex.

  • bob

    If they did that then they wouldn’t be able to do “How to entrap a predator” Cause these b i t c h s that work for the groups contact older men to get them to start talking to them and then set up a meet and bust them. Its no different then leavening a abounded running car on the street and waiting for some one to take it then get them for GTA. I wouldn’t dout if later on in the future they will leave bags for of money laying about then when some one takes it bust there a$$ for stealing. Its all entrapment all the way!

    • Jenn

      Bob 1.) Hooked on phonics would do you wonders. 2.) Applying your twisted ,backwards, lowbrow logic that would mean if you were at home and had no security system and someone broke in harmed you,your family, and/or robbed you that it would be your fault because you didn’t have an alarm system to deter them. Perhaps you go to the park and some drug addict or nut attacks you. It would be your fault for not having a gun, mace, or taser to defend yourself with allowing them to victimize you for being unarmed and vulnerable. 3.) If you are a good man you don’t compromise your integrity be having contact with a teenage girl because you know it is wrong and against the law. Children are impetuous and because they are not adults they ignore or underestimate the dangers and possible results of the decisions they make. They make mistakes. That is part of growing up. So holding them legally responsible in these situations isn’t a very realistic thing to do. Even the most proactive parents may be unaware of what their child has done because they can’t watch their child every second of everyday. I can’t imagine what I would do if my child was violated. I am certain however that these “To Catch a Predator” programs are protecting millions of children. I have nothing but profound respect for the law enforcement officers that risk their lives to protect all of us. I nothing but contempt for those who try to justify breaking the law and/or harming someone because their vulnerability made them a easy target! I don’t care if the teenage girl skipped down the street yelling “come and get it!” It is illegal, wrong, and quite frankly gross. That alone should be enough to deter a real man. Unfortunately there are far too many deviants and perverts out there making it necessary for law enforcement and parents to use these systems to protect our most precious and valuable thing children.

  • Dori

    Stop blaming the victims, you neanderthals… Maybe if men would “keep it in their pants” we wouldn’t have this problem. And if those teenage girls were your little princesses, you would want these perverts “entrapped” so they wouldn’t be free to prey on your child.

    • Mark Smith

      There is merit to both views but I wouldn’t blame the young girls. I would blame the parents, our High School administrators and local society. Our young woman are sexualized at a young age and there are no strong supporting messages delivered in the schhols to back up the morals taughtvin Church. Parents need to take a stand and stop the “free access” to the internet our youth have without any supervision. There are ways to limit what phones can and cannot access and there are also chat monitoring programs parents can review.

      The girls are girls caught up in what society has empowered woman to use their sexuality for attention and power. Girls are not mature enough to deal with these messages and end up going down roads they are not ready for.

      Men who would never commit such offenses find the internet’s social ambiguity providing a dangerous forum where they consider things they would not do otherwise. Adults are ultimately responsible in any case.

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