Hagarville Hank: Early Spring Prediction

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UPDATE: On Groundhog's Day, Hagarville Hank did not see his shadow predicting an early spring contrary to his distant relative, Punxatawny Phil.  With as harsh as our winter has been, hopefully this local forecast verifies.



A new tradition begins Sunday on the Baccahus Family Adventure Farm in Johnson County. "Hagarville Hank" will make his forecasting debut on the biggest day of the year for groundhogs, Groundhog Day.

"We’re going to start our own little operation here and see what kind of a forecast we can get on the weather this Sunday," said Larry Baccahus.

Early Sunday morning Hank will emerge and be put to the test. “See if he sees his shadow or not, whether we can forecast whether or not we’re going to have six more weeks of bad weather or an early spring."

Hagarville Hank is just one of the many family friendly exotic attractions on the Baccahus Family Farm.

A zebra, camels and miniature donkeys are just a few of the rare animals kids can interact with on the farm. "Not all kids get to experience having these kinds of animals like this," said Drake Baccahus.

Regardless of the forecast, a trip to see Hagarville Hank and the rest of the animals will be a hit with the entire family.

Hargarville is about a 15 minute drive north of Lamar.