Arkansas Forestry Commission Resumes Search for Missing Pilot

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Clear skies allowed the Arkansas Forestry Commission to resume looking for 34-year-old missing pilot Jake Harrell on Monday, after winter weather had halted part of the search.

Harrell's wildfire detection plane was last heard from at 1:11 p.m. on Friday (Jan. 31) near Oden in Montgomery County, said Adriane Barnes of the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

The commission's Facebook page said that helicopters from the National Guard and the Arkansas State Police were combing the skies Monday. (The photograph with this story was taken from the commission's Facebook page.)

The Facebook page said in addition to aerial support, search teams familiar with the challenging terrain consistent throughout the Ouachitas also are involved in the rescue effort.

Those crews include personnel from the Arkansas Forestry Commission, U.S. Forest Service, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and law enforcement members from Montgomery and Polk counties.

With clear skies, the commission said it is hoping for a productive search on Monday.

A post on their Facebook page said, "Skies are clear this morning; we are hopeful today for a productive search with better weather conditions."

Photograph courtesy of the AFC.

Photograph courtesy of the AFC. 


  • Larry Shepherd

    Thankful for the good weather, and searching along the flight path. Time of last communication should indicate favorable conditions for the missing pilot’s response to any conditions of adversity that may have affected his course of flight.

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