Crews Work to Keep Washington County Roads Clear

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Early this morning, crews were up and working the roads in Washington County.

"We started at 4 am. . . pretreating all the streets. It was a pretty good mess there for a while," said Joey Smith of the Fayetteville Road Department.

Smith said the crews have been putting down salt, brine, and beet juice where they needed it. They've also added sand into the mix.

"The snow yesterday fell so fast in a short period of time that it just takes a little bit of time getting caught up," Smith said.

Smith continued to say the Fayetteville Road Department has people working in shifts around the clock with 18 to 20 people on every shift.

"We've got 11 vehicles on the road. We've got plows, belly plows, and graters. The sun helps a lot. With us pretreating and getting the sand on there; it draws the heat," Smith said.

Smith continued, "The pretreating really helps all the precipitation melt from the bottom."

According to the Springdale Public Works Office, crews will be ready for the next round of winter weather tomorrow and into Wednesday.