Hazmat Crew Responds To Tractor-Trailer Wreck On I-540

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A hazmat crew responded early Monday (Feb. 3) to the site of a tractor-trailer wreck on Interstate 540 near the New Hope Road exit, officials said.

The wreck, involving a tractor-trailer and car, blocked the Interstate in the area near the Red Lobster restaurant in Rogers, according to the Arkansas State Police.

The Rogers Fire Department hazmat team cleaned up a gas leak from the tractor-trailer, using kitty litter to absorb the spill. The frigid temperatures prevented the spill from posing a risk to the public, officials said.

Josh Chapman, Rogers Fire Captain, said they also used a substance to help with the leak.

"It turns to something like silly puddy and used it to plug the holes and we had plastic containers underneath the small pools to catch the runoff," Chapman said.

No injuries were reported