Road Crews Ready To Combat Next Round Of Winter Weather

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With more chances of winter weather later this week, including Tuesday, road crews in Northwest Arkansas are getting ready to attack the snow and ice.

Some streets in Northwest Arkansas remained slick Monday night following the weekend snowfall, but most of the main roads were clear amid the sunshine and above-freezing temperatures throughout the day.

Terry Nalley, director of the Benton County Road Department, said his crews are prepared if another round of winter weather hits the area on Tuesday.

"When the temperatures start dropping, we will have to make sure we get the sand trucks and some salt out to keep the roads from getting too slick," he said.

Nalley said the department has a good plan in place to clear roads this week.

"We typically will send the blades and the motor graters in first," he said. "We will bring sand and salt in behind it. We will let it sit, and then let everybody go on their route."

One of the department's most effective weapons to fight winter weather has been calcium chloride.

"We pre-treat bridges and intersections with it," said Benton County Road Department Assistant Supt. Jay Frasier. "It helps keep things loose underneath the ground."

The winter weather has cut into the supply of materials used to clear the roadways. Nalley said the department has already placed an order for more sand and salt.

"Everybody has to be aware of when we get short and need to order more supplies," he said.

Stanley Meeker, a local man, said he's ready for winter to be over.

"We don't need more winter weather," he said. "Rain would be all right, but no snow or ice."

With roads expected to get slick again Tuesday, Meeker said he will take extra safety precautions while driving.

"I just go slow and let people pass me," he said. "I don't care if they pass me. I'm not going to wreck."

Brian Sander said he plans to take it slow on roadways this week.

"I plan to give myself plenty of space around me," he said "I don't trust other drivers, so I kind of just trust my own instincts."

The road department's biggest goal this week is to keep people safe.

"Our crews know they have a job to do and that's taking care of the public," Frasier said. "They know they are doing a service for the public, and they do an excellent job at it."