Rogers Police Seek Missing Teenager

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Rogers Police Department is requesting the public’s help in finding 17-year-old Brittany Lacy.

The teen is 5-foot-2 and has blue eyes and blonde hair, according to authorities.

Lacy’s mother, Jamie Booher, says her daughter was last seen wearing pink pajamas and a t-shirt. She was had a blue blanket and black backpack with her before her disappearance, according to her mother.

Investigators said Lacy left a note for her mother on Saturday night (Feb. 1), stating she was going to go sit by the lake, according to the news release.

“We are all just worried sick about her and just want to know if she’s safe,” Booher said. “All of our family and friends are searching and putting the word out and doing everything we can to find her. This is not easy and we are all taking it very hard. We just want a call or anything to let us know she are safe.”

The Rogers Police Department has requested that anyone with information on the teenager’s whereabouts contact them by calling (479) 636-4141.


    • barbara

      seriously …….of course the mom was not ok with her going to sit by the lake.she left a note.she wasn’t asking for permission..duh….hence the NOTE

  • Opinion

    We as parents like to think children can make responsible decisions at 17, but this is an example of that not being the case. Guess that is why the law says parents are responsible for their “children” until they are 18. Ya gotta watch them and be involved with them 24/7. I pray this turns out ok, but it is going to be sooooooo sad, if it does not.

  • toughbeingyoungthesedays

    Bet she ran off with a boyfriend, didn’t know how to tell mom? I’m sure she will show up again in a day or two. Besides, soon she will be 18 and can go talk to lake when ever she wants…so to speak.

    • Citizens Rights

      Yes she can go “talk to the lake”, if she is alive. However, when she turns 18 she will probably still have to live in the same house with her mom because she has no means of income, and there might even be a child involved. Same story I hear all the time about adult kids still living with their parents. Parents become involved with your kids when they are young, so this scenario has a chance to not be repeated in your household. Sad sad situation

  • carla

    This is her cousin. There was more on the note tht the police did not say. Her mom did not giver her permission her mom her litle sisters and grandparents are dng anythng they can to find her… we r very worried so please if u have seen her or her bf michael wilkinson please report it to the rogers police department. Its way to cold to be out in this alone she just turned 17….

  • seriously done with you people

    Let me just say that she is clearly depressed and none of this has anything to do with “bad parenting” or the fact that shes “an immature child”. She is deeply hurting and needs help. It’s making me sad how all I can see in these comments are people saying how “awful of a kid she probably is” and how “awful her mom is”. That’s not the issue, people, the issue is the fact that she’s missing and in danger. Stop being so self centered.

  • Let the love shine

    First of all its not nice to call people fat and ugly its hurtful, not all people can control their weight though a vast majority can. Second, I am one of many who had my children young and will most likely be a young grandparent and guess what I do not meet the stigma of being a young dumb for the rest of my life however i will most certainly enjoy being able to do more with my grandchildren because I will be young when i have them :b besides cracking a book perhaps you should go to finishing school to brush up on those defective manners of yours. This article is to help find a missing girl not to lash out at parents for something you know not of. I hope and pray she is found safe and reunited with her family soon, and people pls show some love and compassion if we all showed the amount of love as we do judgment well you can answer that hope yall have a blessed day.

    • Retired

      Great for you with being “ok” with being a young grandma. I’m ok with that too as long as taxpayers don’t have to foot any of the bill for it.

    • lovemylife

      Hopefully your grandchildren will not need any public assistance. BTW, not judging, just voicing my “opinion”

  • jamie booher

    Thank you let the love shine. I am her mother and am trying to find her. Unless you know me or our family personally you know nothing about the situation. The news and police are trying to help by getting her photo out there for people to help. Honestly unless you have a lead or would like to pray or share I would appreciate it if you would refrain from posting. Her family amd I need help not people who want to judge start drama with other people or who in no way intend on helping. Thank you to the people who are trying help and who are getting her picture out there.

    • praying

      Praying for the safe return of your beautiful daughter. So sorry for what you are going through. I don’t know if this helps but having worked with teenagers and been in the position of helping look for run always, so many times they were at various “friends” homes and were found safe and sound. Best wishes.

  • fatherknowsbest

    Sadly homes without a father or male figure (which sounds like this situation) in the family tend to look to other males in her life. A lot of times it the wrong male these days.
    Let’s hope she is smart enough to not gone down that path.

    • Opinion

      My thoughts exactly. In my career that is what I saw every day. The prettiest, and smartest girls were always hanging around the ugly druggies, and dumbest boys. They were always thinking they could change them. Message to all the girls: Guys are the best they will ever be when you are dating them….don’t get a “fixer-up” guy when you can have one who does not need to be remodeled.

  • Let the love shine

    Your welcome I will do my best to get her pic around and help I hope she gets home safe we will be praying for her safe return I know how I’d feel if it were one of mine, and if you need if it comes down to it I would be willing help you search. I can’t even imagine your worry.

    • jamie booher

      Thank you I really appreciate. I’m so glad that other people have no intentions in helping just giving there opinions on whether or not a father figure was involved in her life. Again not helping. It seems all the rest of you want to do is make excuses for the situation. Once again my daughter is missing for 3 days now just turned 17 last wk and hasn’t been seen if you have any information or would like to please let me know. If not I would appreciate if the ones of you who have nothing helpful to say please keep it to yourself. I do get all the comments and don’t really want to see this kind of stuff. If you were in my position how would you feel and what would you do.

      • fatherknowsbest

        I think you’re missing the whole picture. People on here giving their opinions can help others avoid what happened to you. There will be other young people that run away or get in trouble because they didn’t have all the knowledge they need and can learn from reading these comments. If they bother you then don’t read them. Hopefully you can gain some insight to keep this from happening again…because it has happened to you so pay attention. Good luck.

      • jamie booher

        And how do you suppose this will keep it from happening to others. Like I said you don’t know the situation nor has it been said on here other than I have a missing child other than that all these comments are speculations not facts. So anyway thanks for your help

      • motheroftwo

        What have the parents to her boyfriend have to say about this? Did he leave them a note as well or is he an adult and on his own? Have they done a complete search at the lake, maybe some of the buildings? Who are some of the friends to this bf? Have her friends gave any hints or does she have a cell phone where they can do a search from the towers? I pray they find her soon. As a mother I would be pressing the police whether she left a note or not….something isn’t right. She could be long gone by now. They need to get some info about the bf.

  • Let the love shine

    I’m sorry for what your going through but I know Jesus will shield her. In the meantime is there anything else we can do to help? Do you have flyers?

    • jamie booher

      Ok I’m reading comments for information pertaining to the case. So thank you for your input and maybe something like this will happen to you and then you can understand. Anyway waste of time talking to u maybe you will meet karma one day

  • jamie booher

    Do u think I’m sitting at home doing nothing or what. This is insane I’m done with this I have better things to do than listen to rude people and advise that obviously I and others are doing already

    • jamie booher

      Oops advice I would hate for someone to use this site to tell me I need to go back to school and that’s probably why my daughter is missing

  • Barbara

    this is her grandma, we are very concerned for Brittany.please be nice and pray for her safe return,and refrain from negative comments, you are only hurting us with the bad comments…god bless all of you

    • jamie booher

      Some people just don’t care about anyone but themselves and they get joy in hurting others. I don’t get it but it is what it is and we have to ignore the people who have nothing better to do than make judgement amd bad mouth

      • happyhappyhappy

        Thought you said you were done with this? The kid is probably reading every post and laughing her A off at how stupid she thinks you are. IMO

  • 5news

    Is the dad really in prison JB? Since you spent your whole day on this website fill us in on the details please.

  • JR Gibbs

    After reading many of these comments, it’s obvious some are are just trolls. Since this is Tuesday and she came up missing Saturday, this is not a funny matter at all. I do hope she is found soon or she returns home. If she is reading this, I hope she understands she will not be in trouble by going home. Just go home and if you need help, there is lots of help and people that do care. There is karma for others. If you are family, ignore the nastiness and do not respond them at all. They feed on your response because they do not have a life of their own.

  • Lisa Reed

    Jamie….I am thinking of you and praying for you and your family. ESPECIALLY your beautiful daughter. Please remember, sometimes children make bad choices. That doesn’t make us bad parents. We can be the best Mommas we possibly can be and that doesn’t guarantee that our kids won’t do crazy things. I have shared your story on my Facebook page. Please let us know when she returns home safely. Oh…..and as the gentleman shared earlier….some people are just mean. I am a firm believer in “karma”, or whatever else you want to call it. All that is important right now is the safe return of your child.

  • vickieb

    I’m so sorry for such a negative post yesterday… I admit I was wrong for being judgmental,without knowing the circumstances… I apologize for any unnecessary grief I may have caused… I truly hope she is safe and comes home soon…

  • carla long

    Aunt Jamie, grandma plz don’t listen to some of these people you don’t need people to bring u down no more then u already are. some people just don’t know the word respect i love u guys n im praying every night for her to come home

  • jamie booher

    It’s ok carla. Some people are that way I pray for them and pray for us and britt safe return home. They can’t get to us unless we let them and ee won’t. Britt will come home safe I hope and pray and the ones of us who care will fight for that the rest we can ignore them. Britt please come home we love and miss you

  • Let the love shine

    I have been posting her pic on many sites hoping someone may have seen her or have information regarding her whereabouts have you found her yet?

    • jamie booher

      Thank you for all your help I have been doing the same. Spreading the word is all I can do at this point and the more people it gets to the better our chances of finding her. I will update you all on any new information I get and again thanks to everyone for your help amd support.

  • Katie

    Please ignore mean and hatful post from above. It truly is a shame that either trolls or people that truly are uncaring human beings take time out of their day to respond with such vile.
    Teens make dumb choices sometimes and that does not make the parent or the child any less of a good person. Posting mean comments about the child will not help her want to come home, so please stop that . You can not helicopter parent a child 24/7 and kids will make choices good or bad. We as humans sometimes learn the hard way and I hope she comes home soon and you all can heal and learn to communicate in a beneficial way together. I’ve shared this story and I’ll keep a look out. My heart is with you all.

  • veronica

    Jamie im so sorry this has happened to you I could not imagine how hard it must be. Ive been sharing her picture. Is there anything else I can do to help? Please let me know. Praying for your family and brittany.

  • adam

    I’ll be traveling tomorrow with my family to Texas. I’ll look and show this around the state in my travels to get the word out. If it were my daughter I’d expect the same. I’m sorry you have to go thru this . My wife and I will be praying and we will mention it to the church.

  • jamie booher

    Yes thank u everyone for being concerned. Your thoughts prayers and help posting amd hanging flyers saved her life. Thanks to everyone who payed attention as well and was able to spot her brought her home safe. So many people I am thankful for during this hard process amd very grateful to everyone. And to the rest that were rude amd gave there opinions and knew nothing god bless you.

  • jamie booher

    I would just like to say that after having a conversation with ky daughter this afternoon she informed me that all wk she was wanting to come back home and was afraid. She said she finally got the courage to look up my moms business phone number on the internet to call amd reply them please come get her. She couldnt remember our cell phone numbers. Anyway while looking up there number she decided to look up a missing persons report on her. She found this website. She read through the comments and got upset that people were calling her a bad kid and saying bad things. I was upset at the comments as well because is was not necessary or helpful. Not only were they not but she said it made her change her mind amd decide not to come back that people didn’t care. I think these kind of comments shouod he band and I hope the ones of you who did this influenced my daughter to stay out in the cold in an abandoned house alone and hurting more. So thank you. She did say she appreciated the ones who tried to be nice and helpful

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