SWAT Called to Residence in Sebastian County

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Photo courtesy of the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office.

Sebastian County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 3400 block of Highway 10 West in reference to a woman who fired shots Sunday (Feb. 2). 

According to a press release put out by Investigator Pevehouse of the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office, a call came into 911 dispatch around 3:45 pm that a woman was going to commit suicide. She was between her residence and her garage. 

The release continued, “She had already fired four rounds from a pistol according to the caller.” 

Prior to her actions, a disturbance had taken place in her home. 

Deputies with the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office responded and set up a perimeter of the home. They then moved the witness to a safe location. 

Officers of the Greenwood Police Department and Mansfield Police Department assisted the deputies during the situation. 

The Sebastian County SWAT Team and negotiators were eventually dispatched to the home. Not long after, the woman moved from her home to a detached garage, and authorities were able to secure the home and keep her isolated where she was. 

Investigator Pevehouse’s press release stated nearly 15 minutes of negotiations took place before the woman opened her garage door. She didn’t have the pistol in her hand, and SWAT was able to make the arrest. 

The release continued, “The total time of the standoff was approximately an hour.” 

“Karen Morgart, 52 years of age, was arrested for Domestic Battery, 3rd Degree and Interference with Emergency Communications. Both are misdemeanors,” the release stated. 

“Another great example of teamwork between the law enforcement agencies of Sebastian County,” said Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck. 


    • Jessica

      Sure hope you don’t have a bad day one day and say that about you. How rude and inconsiderate. Suicide is a personal thing and I dont believe it but Mayne she really needed help and that was her way to cry out.

      • Opinion

        Just keeping it real, and voicing my “opinion”. Bet there are others who think the same, but who do not voice it. BTW I would never kill myself. IMO I Don’t believe I could go to Heaven, if I did.

      • Debra

        I agree… How rude. Depression is real and affects about 70% of the population. It’s a rural area and hard for people to find work and be able to survive; that Ali e will make you crazy; I see it all the time!

  • Citizens Rights

    Everyone should have the right to kill themselves. It is between them and God as no one else was injured or killed.

  • Opinion

    Not judging anyone, just voicing my “opinion”. Your definition is different from mine I guess. It is so great to live in the USA where we have freedom to voice our “opinion”

    • hi

      If there is a God, and I believe there is, there are no other opinions other than his that amount to anything including yours so why not live a good life and help others by being a positive influence. Funny, proof of Gods existence can be found in the Bible – the human owners Manuel where people who live by it are happy and those that don’t aren’t.

      • rightytidy

        Does that mean according to your definition your opinion is worthless?? My opinion is “yes” your opinion is worthless

  • denisemyers

    I really see a hurting person and unless you live in someone you never know what takes them to that point in their life. When someone takes there life the family always has to live with it and remain here in pain and sad. I juse think she needs prayers and her family too. She is a sad child of God that need peace of mind and God sees all!

  • Blessed

    To Opinion: Would you feel the same and not want help if it were you or one of your loved ones in this situation? Which we have not a clue what is wrong with her. Could be from physical abuse. Or if it was you would you pull the trigger or want somebody else to do it for you?

  • Opinion

    I’ve already stated, “I would not kill myself”. I do not need for anyone else to do it for me. I don’t even “think” about killing myself to avoid a situation. I believe everyone has the right to kill themselves,if they wish, as long as no one else is injured, and as long as taxpayers don’t have to be involved. If you are going to kill yourself, do the job completely so taxpayers don’t have to take care of the aftermath of hospital expenses, etc.

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