Arkansas Forestry Commission to Continue Search Today

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Equipment like this will be used to assist in the search today (photo courtesy of the Arkansas Forestry Commission).

More than 200 people are involved in the search today for missing pilot Jake Harrell, 34, who disappeared with his aircraft on Jan. 31.

These people are searching by land and air to bring Harrell home, according to a news release from the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

“Fifteen aircraft are committed: nine planes from the Civil Air Patrol, four AFC planes, a State Police Helicopter, and two National Guard helicopters. Some 75 hours alone were flown by aircraft on Monday, not including hours flown by the National Guard,” the news release stated.

Ground clues include more searchers today, and the search routes are expanding south and further west of the already searched area (just south of Oden).

Although visibility is not yet as clear as it was on Monday, it does continue to improve. Search routes are directly tied to several tips from local residents who possibly heard or saw Jake’s plane on Friday afternoon.

Every call has been returned, and every piece of information has been used to route efforts and compared against his last known cell phone frequency with a known area tower.

Weather conditions made it difficult for ground crews to cover area quickly and safely Tuesday (Feb. 4) in Montgomery County, according to a news release from the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

“There’s a whole lot of space out there – and the weather continues to slow our efforts. It’s like we’ve said from the start, we are here to find Jake. We remain dedicated to that and we’re not leaving until we return him home,” said State Forester, Joe Fox.

Searchers remain energized, dedicated, and hopeful toward success, said the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

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  • godspeed

    Unfortunately, with the bad winter conditions we’re experiencing it may be this spring before he can be found. Just sayin’

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