Mom Ready to Have Children Back in Class

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Icy weather has led to wide spread school closings across the region. Many parents like Mariah Hall in Fort Smith said she is ready for her kids to be back in school.

"I am definitely ready for my kids to go back to school,” said Hall. “I love them, but they need to be in school."

There`s no question that Hall is ready for her little ones to be back in class.

“When the schools closed also the day care centers closed,” she said. "So, if I didn`t have my son, I don`t know how I would find somebody that`s willing to watch all four of my kids."

Hall said a number of her coworkers have had to call in because they can`t find anyone to watch their kids when icy weather came to town.

"I know of other people that have had to hire a sitter,” Hall said. “Going to work, hiring a sitter and losing this amount of pay, its been unfortunate."

Hall said asking her 17-year-old son to take charge when schools out has been difficult for her.

"I`m fortunate to have an older child, unlike a lot of other parents. So, my son watches them of course, I know they`re a burden sometimes on him."

Hall said the 2013 ice storm is fresh on her mind and her families food bill has spiked with her kids not being able to receive school lunches.

“The food bill has gone way up in our house," Hall said.

With a possibility of even more snow in the Hall’s future, they said they will stick together and stay warm for the time being.


  • Michael

    It’s not a question of liking or not liking the fact that you have your children with you. The problems is that we have schools which can not operate, for some reason, when it snows. The fact is that they are taking time away from the family. Most parents, who have jobs and can’t get off every time it snows. Why doesn’t Walmart close when it snows? Why doesn’t the gas station on the corner close when it snows? Why doesn’t the fast food restaurant close when it snows? It’s called responsibility; they are there providing a service. We pay taxes which are supposed to be used to provide an education for our kids. When they close the schools like this, then it is our tax dollars not at work. It’s time for the schools back to work.

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