No Classes Wednesday For NWA’s 4 Largest School Districts

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Schools in Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers and Springdale will be closed Wednesday because of road conditions following the recent snowfall, the school districts announced.

Wednesday will mark the third consecutive day of classes being called off for area school districts because of the weather conditions.

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Click here to see the whole list of school districts that have canceled classes for Wednesday.


  • Michael

    What I was trying to say earlier; you are now going to have to go back and reteach what your were learning before this extended mini-vacation. This then puts us further behind in learning because of having to backtrack the studies. It’s a shame that our schools are so ill prepared for situations like this that now we have to cut into spring break, summer break and possibly a few Saturdays.

    The roads are decent enough that a bus can run some kind of route, parents can drive their kids to school or some other arrangement can be made. This is our tax dollars at work; money well spent.

    • Angel

      Have you ever driven a school bus? I have…believe me it is NOTHING like driving a car or truck in this mess. they are bulky and awkward and very LONG. they are carrying the most precious cargo on earth. Our children, so until this mess clears up I’m fine with Saturdays if that’s what it takes. Anyone who thinks the roads are clear today are either drunk or oblivious, what LOOKS clean can actually be black ice.

      • Michael

        I have driven a truck that makes your bus look like a mini, through more severe weather than this. It’s a wonder that the earth can keep spinning with the way the folks around here act; regarding our schools. 1 snow flake falls and it’s time to shut down and hide with our heads in the ground, ain’t no way we can go to school now. I wonder how many times the good folks in Minnesota, or Michigan or New York shut down because of a few inches of snow/ice.

        Oh well, perhaps it’s best. No one has ever seen this white stuff from the sky before. It’s not wonder then that we can’t get to school.

  • Hallett Newman

    Just watched your snow day closing on the news. These snow day make ups aren’t about getting kids ready for test, it isn’t because kids “let their guard down”. It’s because the school district WON”T GET their federal money. It’s all about the money.

  • Michael

    So far, all big 4 districts are set to have school. However, we’ll have to wait and see if they mean it or not. We will not know for sure untiil the bus comes down the street.

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