Students Miss Meals Due to Icy Weather

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The slick conditions kept a lot of River Valley kids out of school Tuesday (Feb.2). Many of those students rely on free or reduced meals at school to eat.

Sierra Wise is a seventh grader at Darby Junior High in Fort Smith. Wise and her grandmother said they rely on free lunches to get by daily.

“School lunches are a big thing,” said Wise. "I can go to school and know that I'm going to get fed a big meal."

Wise said her first meal of the day is at Darby Junior High.

"I wake up, I get dressed and walk to school and then I eat breakfast," Wise said.

Ken Kupchick with the River Valley Regional Food Bank said more than 31,000 students in Sebastian and Crawford Counties rely on free or reduced lunches.

“These kids are receiving two square meals at school a day,” said Kupchick. “This is their adequate nutrition. This is where they rely upon the food that is going to see them through. When they get home we even worry that they may not be getting a dinner at night.”

Wise was out shopping with her grandmother Ollie Wilson Tuesday.

With snow day after snow day, the family said it's taking a toll on their finances.

"It does cut into your budget a little bit,” said Wilson. “You spend a little bit more money when they are at home."

According to a study from the Arkansas Department of Education 71 percent of students in the Fort Smith School District take advantage of free or reduced lunches.


  • Elaphas Maximus

    This is what happens when bleeding heart liberalism runs amok. Deadbeat “parents” become institutionalized into thinking the government will take care of their kids, so they ultimately relinquish any responsibility and come to rely on someone else to raise their children. Spare me the excuses. The mentality of the school system is pathetic, and they are equally to blame for sanctioning this irresponsibility. When 71% of all children in a single school district rely on the government to feed them, they will learn to rely on the government to meet all their future needs. This is a dangerous scenario for the country. And now the democrats, led by the pathological liar in the White House, want to add millions more poor (voters) to the government dole by legalizing illegal immigrants. This will only entice millions more to break into the country. America has become nothing more than a welfare state that will implode. It is just a matter of when not if. Then what will they do? What will you do? Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese I suppose.

    • AGT C

      I agree.I fed my children the last few days oh wait I have one of them there job thingys something democrats know nothing about.If I recall Hitler promised Germany entitlements and then ran them through a gas chambers.Just saying.

    • arnold fudpucker

      Most excellent commentary! I would like to add a thought. The school, administration (unions) primarily, are in bed with the demoncrat libs.

      Their typical game plan is to entice to dependency then assume control therefore power. This is particulary true of the illegals since they a generally uneducated and prime to be controlled. We need to quit being the welfare department for mexico.

  • Parrot Sarnoso

    Instead of dumping trillion of dollars in worthless Republican wars in sand dunes located at the other side of the planet, we should use that money to feed our kids, the feed the poor and to build free hospitals for the poor.

    • AGT C

      If I recall right Obama wanted to bomb Syria so bad it made his mouth water and lets see John Kerry was urging Americans to go to war with Syria neither of them Republican.

    • arnold fudpucker

      You repeat, or parrot, exactly what you are force fed. Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson…..those demoncrat names ring a war bell for you? Repubs don’t own the war thing. Check your history.

      Had you said politicians then we all would agree with you.

  • I am Anon

    There is another story on 5 news about parents being ready for their kids to go back th school. Can anyone tell me what the common thing about those being interviewed is. Hello!

  • william winston wilhurst

    Yes, too much reliance on government.

    In reply to Parrot, war was waged in Iraq because our nation has strategic and economic interests in the world oil market.

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