5NEWS Fit: Workout Motivation

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We're in the second month of 2014, so how are you doing with those workout New Year's resolutions?

Van Buren Athletic Club trainer Meghan Howard said it's important to find and keep up motivation.

"If you want to get into a bikini this summer, hang your bathing suit in the bathroom so you'll see it every day," Howard said.

Motivation comes in all different shapes and forms, but for some people it's working out in a group. VBAC Strong is a program designed just for the ladies. According to Howard, when women get older, they lose bone density, so it's important to combine cardio with strength training.

"If you lift weights regularly then you'll gain strength in your bones, of course reduce osteoporosis risk and even reverse them," Howard said.

Having short and long term goals will help get you through the entire year. Working out with a group or even bringing the family along also holds you accountable to push through five days a week.

"Three days is better than no days at all, but five days is where you're really going to see the benefits coming through," said trainer David Fuller.

If you're looking for a competition to keep you motivated, find a program like Full Throttle. It's also offered at Van Buren Athletic Club and is a co-ed class filled with intense interval training mixed with gymnastics.

"It's a blast," said student David Freeman. "You push yourself harder than you would if you were by yourself."

According to Fuller, there's one important thing you have to do if you want to get in shape.

"You've got to get started," said Fuller. "There's too many people that, 'Oh, maybe tomorrow I'll sign up, or maybe next month.' You can't have those excuses. You've got to jump in, two feet, and get started."