Chase Suspect Shot At By Police; Prosecutor Investigates

Posted on: 6:44 pm, February 5, 2014, by , updated on: 08:00pm, February 5, 2014

Photo courtesy of our affiliate station KOAM - Channel 7.

Photo courtesy of our affiliate station KOAM - Channel 7.

A car chase led to a police shooting Tuesday in Delaware County, Okla.

Oklahoma authorities are investigating a case in which a suspect was tailed by police during a chase that began in McDonald County, Mo., before county deputies fired shots at the suspect.

Deputies began chasing Douglas Brown, 46, after the suspect fled in his vehicle from McDonald County authorities. The pursuit continued into Delaware County, and in the town of Grove, Brown’s vehicle hit a McDonald County deputy’s vehicle, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Two deputies from McDonald County fired their guns at the suspect’s vehicle, but no one was injured in the shooting, according to Oklahoma authorities.

Brown then drove back to Missouri, where he was eventually arrested by state police, according to a report released by police.

After Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents deliver a detailed report on the shooting to the Delaware County District Attorney, he will decide whether or not the shooting was justified, according to a statement released Wednesday by the bureau.


  • Make My Day says:

    Yes, they need to look in to why they missed their target? You know this guy has a shady past, and why did he flee? Because that’s what all criminals do. Maybe next time they can end a dangerous chase early by getting the point across to not run every time the police want to pull you over. Criminals are so stupid it’s not funny.

    • A volunteer says:

      Depending on the circumstances, It’s actually going to hinge on whether the officers were justified under the fresh pursuit law because they were out of state.

  • can't fix stupid says:

    Its delaware county yall… explains it all

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