Winter Weather Leads To Electric Heater Shortage

The recent winter weather has led to a shortage of electric heaters in some places in the River Valley.

“A lot of people have been very disappointed, some could be aggravated,” said Home Depot assistant manager Curtis Williams.

Williams said hundreds of electric heaters sold out when the first ice storm hit.

“It`s surprising that they would run out of supplies like heating equipment in the middle of the winter,” said shopper Melana Ridenour.

Williams said the store has had lots of frustrated customers, and the Home Depot is not expecting any new shipments of heaters any time soon.

“We rely on our little space heater,” said shopper McKensey Matlock.

With the recent snowy weather fresh on shoppers’ minds, they said the idea of not having heat is alarming.

“It`s cold, very cold,” Ridenour said.

With even more snow and ice in the forecast for the near future, store employees said they do have plenty of kerosene heaters.

“Unfortunately, I don’t foresee any more electric heaters coming through just because of the demand of it,” Williams said.

Williams said the store is also out of ice melt as well.


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