Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Ross Announces Tax Cut Plan

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Photos courtesy of Asa Hutchinson (left) and Mike Ross (right).

Mike Ross, candidate for governor of Arkansas, announced a proposal today to cut the state’s income tax for nearly every working family in Arkansas, including some small businesses.

He called the current income tax code, “out-of-date and unfair,” for the average working family.

When fully utilized, the proposal would cut income taxes by as much as $665 for the average working family in The Natural State, according to Ross.

“When a single mom in Arkansas making $34,000 a year is paying the same income tax rate as someone making $340,000 a year, there is something unfair and morally wrong about our tax code,” said Ross.

Ross continued, “I want to modernize our income tax code in a way that means lower, fairer taxes for working families and small businesses in Arkansas, and I want to do so in a fiscally responsible way that maintains our balanced budget and protects vital state services like education, Medicaid and public safety.  Just like Governor Beebe did with the sales tax on groceries, I will also gradually phase in my tax cut plan as the state can afford to do so.”

After Ross’ plan was outlined, gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson released his own reaction statement.

“I’m glad longtime Democratic Congressman Mike Ross finally recognizes the need for tax relief in Arkansas. Unfortunately his plan is just not serious. It has no specifics or time-frame for action. . .,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson countered by saying his plan focuses on competitive tax rates in Arkansas for job creation, whereas Ross’ plan is not a long-term solution for economic growth.

The election for Arkansas governor is set for Nov. 4, 2014.

Tax brackets released by Ross.

Tax brackets released by Ross.

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  • Frank N. Beans


    You seem to be pandering by setting up the premise that taxing people on an equal basis is somehow unfair. I need for you to clarify this position.

    Arkansas’s income tax code is unfair and morally wrong because it disproportionately punishes lower- and middle-class families.

    (Why do you feel this is unfair? Why do you feel this is morally wrong?)

    So, today, I’m announcing my plan for a modernized income tax code that will result in lower, fairer taxes for nearly every single working Arkansan.
    (What is the percent of people that get helped? “nearly every single working Arkansan” is a bit ambiguous.)
    And, it won’t raise taxes one penny on anyone. (income taxes or all taxes?)

    My plan cuts taxes for those families who need it most. In fact, when my plan is fully implemented, it will put up to $665 back into the pocket of the average working Arkansan.(Fairer taxes for nearly ever single working Arkansan, but money back into the pocket of the average working Arkansan….Two different subsets. Why not money back for all that it is fair to?)

    (Again who are the “average” Arkansans? Is $655 the price of a vote?)

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