Power Restored for Ozark Electric Customers

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Around 11, 000 Ozark Electric customers experienced partial or full power outages Wednesday (Feb. 5). Crews had it fixed by 6 a.m.

A transmission line connector failed around 4 a.m., according to Penny Storms, communications and public relations manager.

She said about 11,000 people only had low voltage power available in their homes, which means only things such as lights or alarm clocks worked. However, larger appliances didn't turn on since they require high voltage, Penny said.

Out of those customers, about 2,000 were completely out of power that lasted between 10 to 15 minutes.

"During the re-feed operation, one substation had to experience a momentary outage as we opened and closed switches to re-feed," Storms said. "So there was a short period of time that we had some members that had no power for a few minutes while we made the switch."

The affected areas were on the west side of Ozark Electric's coverage area, which includes Fayetteville and Johnson.