Sex Offender Arrested After Failing To Register, Police Say

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A Springdale child sex offender is back behind bars after police say he failed to properly register following a conviction in January.

Joseph Edwards, 38, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of failure to comply with child sex offender laws. He remains in the Washington County Detention Center without bond because of an accused probation violation, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said Edwards, a “high risk Level 3 sex offender,” was convicted in January, but failed to check in with local law enforcement, as required by state law. After a few weeks of searching for Edwards, Springdale police found him loitering at the Casey’s General Store on Old Missouri Road, according to the Springdale Police Department.

Edwards told police he is homeless.

Police have arrested Edwards four times since 2009, the most recent of which was in May 2013, after officers said Edwards was masturbating in his front yard.


  • Wayne

    Maybe the picture does not do him justice. But, he does not look healthy …. did I say that politically correctly?


  • JR Gibbs

    You said it as politically correct as one can say, I would say. :) I did think the same and maybe he needs mental health?

  • carebear

    someone needs to make sure he has a warm place in the cold…..regardless of what he has been convicted of…he is still a human being and does not need to starve or freeze…he probably needs mental health attention also

  • AGT C

    You can tell by looking at the man he needs mental help.That doesn’t mean what he did was right by no means.Mentally handi -capped people can be dangerous especially if cared for by the wrong type of people.

  • washmyshirt

    Go a head Carebear….take this guy home so you can care for him. Now back to REALITY, he is a danger to the public. That’s not nice but it’s the truth.

  • realist

    I remember going to SHS with this guy. He was strange to say the least. But he seemed quiet and self contained. Anyone who would leave their child unattended around him should have their heads examined. Kinda surprised that he ended up homeless. I would have thought a parent would be taking care of him for life. He was in special ed classes so yes mental health should have been a primary concern. It sounds like the system failed him.

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