Trash Services Delayed By A Week For Some In Bentonville

Winter weather delayed trash pickup for thousands of residents in Northwest Arkansas earlier this week. While trash collection is now back on track, some in Bentonville will have to wait until next week for their garbage to be picked up, the city announced Wednesday.

For the last few days, it has been unusually quiet at the Allied Waste Management yard in Benton County. Because of slick road conditions, trash collection is one day late in Rogers and has just picked back up in Bentonville.

For those whose trash was supposed to be picked up Monday in Bentonville, they will now have to wait until next week before their waste is collected.

“Trash cleanup is conducted in very large trucks,” said Bentonville Mayor Bob McCaslin. “They are top heavy and are not made for driving on ice”.

Bentonville city officials said they have heard from the public in regards to trash pick-up being delayed, and many are not happy.

“I don’t think that’s right. I know our roads are not bad in our area. We have been able to get out and in no problem the past few days,” said Sandy Miller, a Bentonville resident.

In Fayetteville, trash service was delayed for two days. In Springdale, it’s one day behind.

“It’s a matter of reality. I would like my trash picked up too,” McCaslin said.

The mayor said the danger for garbage trucks is real, and if the road conditions are too tough, the drivers should not take risks.

A trash truck was driving up the hills at Stonhenge subdivision in Bentonville on Tuesday, but the roads were not in the truck’s favor, as they were just too icy and dangerous.

“We do have a lot of trash right now, and I know the last time we were nine days with no pick up,” Miller said. “Trash was overflowing, it sat out outside for a long time. It was and is now, super smelly”.

Fayetteville officials are asking people whose trash hasn’t been picked up yet to put their garbage cans out, and the city hopes to pick the trash up by Saturday.


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