Bentonville Trash Pick-Up Will Catch Up Saturday

Allied Waste crews plan to pick-up Monday's and Tuesday's trash Saturday (Feb. 8) after icy road conditions made them miss their route.

With another round of winter weather expected early next week, officials said they don't want to take the chance to be even more behind on their trash pick-up.

Mayor Bob McCaslin said to leave trash bins outside on the curb early Saturday morning to be picked up.

"If you don't put it out, they'll come Monday and Tuesday weather permitting," McCaslin. "They would like to get the job done, but it's just a matter of reality."

"Some people may have some unrealistic expectations about what we can do on that service, but I believe public safety is priority one," he said.

McCaslin said Allied Waste will even pick up trash that's not inside bins.

Allied Waste picked up Wednesday's trash Friday (Feb. 7) since crews were behind on that day as well.

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