Walmart Buys 126 Acres Of Bentonville Land For $4 Million


A local man sold 126 acres of Bentonville land to Walmart last week for $4 million, signaling the beginning of what could be a business boom in the immediate area, according to a Little Rock attorney close to the situation.

The Bentonville Planning Commission approved changing the zoning from agricultural to commercial for the land near Peach Orchard Road and U.S. Highway 71 at the body’s meeting Jan. 21. Todd Butler sold the lot to Walmart about a week later, said Stephen Giles, the attorney who helped facilitate the sale.

Giles said the new acquisition could be among the first of several at the location, which could turn into a hub for businesses in the near future after the planned Interstate 49 corridor is built and runs through the area.

Giles could not release what kind of Walmart facility would be built on the land.

Butler is the owner of Ozark Civil Engineering in Bentonville.


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