Man Who Led Police on Several Chases Due In Court Tuesday

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A Sebastian County man is scheduled to appear before a county judge Tuesday after he was arrested for leading officers on several chases throughout the area over the weekend, according to police.

21-year-old Dustin Moore faces charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, 2 counts of fleeing apprehension, theft by receiving, and resisting arrest. Authorities also added there was a warrant out for his Moore's arrest before he was taken into custody.

Corporal Patricia Sullivan with the Fort Smith Police Department said Moore was arrested after a lengthy foot chase Saturday night (Feb. 8) that ended near the 3100 block of Cavanaugh Road.

Moore led police on several chases throughout the day Friday and Saturday, according to officials.

Sullivan said it all started after an officer stopped Moore in a silver Mercedes SUV on Hwy. 271 early Friday morning (Feb. 7) for driving without headlights. Investigators said the driver was acting suspicious so he told the driver to get out of the SUV. Instead, the driver, later identified as Moore, sped off.

Police followed the driver on I-540 heading into Oklahoma at a high-rate of speed, Sullivan said. After several minutes, authorities stopped their pursuit.

Later Friday morning, employees from a salvage yard on Wheeler Ave. called in to report that Moore was on their property trying to get his car salvaged, according to a police report.

By the time officers arrived, Moore had already left.

An officer en route to the salvage yard, spotted the Mercedes SUV on his way and attempted to stop it, but Moore fled again.

Police said a tractor trailer realized what was happening and was able to block the fleeing vehicle. That's when the two officers got out to approach Moore who was still inside his vehicle, according to Sullivan. Moore drove toward the officers and maneuvered his SUV around them, getting away again.

Fort Smith Police said half an hour later they received a call from the Pocola Police Department that the Mercedes was found abandoned in their city. During the investigation, police found out the SUV Moore was driving had been stolen out of Lavaca a few weeks ago.

Moore was then found, and arrested on Cavanaugh Road about 8 p.m. Saturday night.

"I was the third officer on the scene," Andrew Dillard with Fort Smith Police said. "When we showed up he had already engaged in a foot pursuit with the other two officers. We went over several fences until we finally ended up in the Little Field Oil Company [along Cavanaugh Road]," Dillard said.

Moore was then booked into the Sebastian County Detention Center. His bond has been set at $101,200. He's scheduled to be in court on both Tuesday (Feb. 11) and Thursday (Feb. 13) to be arraigned, according to authorities.


  • Jenn

    Warrants for aggravated assault on a police officer, fleeing apprehension and theft by receiving. Then he is pulled over in a stolen Mercedes SUV on the 7th because he is driving in the dark with no headlights and adds on fleeing again after already handing them his driver license. Next this future MENSA member decides to tell a random salvage yard that he wants to sell the stolen car for scrap because he is evading police. Next this rocket scientist decides hey think I will drive this stolen car around some more fled yet another attempted stop and almost mowed down a cop. It took a good Samaritan in a semi to arrest this idiot and this was after he finally ditched the SUV in another state. I wonder how many years he will serve after this grand display of ignorance and lunacy? I am betting not nearly enough. Well at least this loser is off the street!

  • Justice

    Probably should have just shot him, he’s an oxegen thief if you ask me, and when he gets out of jail we will continue to hear more about him on the news.

  • Morgan

    Oh, let’s just shoot him, because that’s reasonable. No. If this were someone you cared about who has made mistakes in their life, and the police decided to “just shoot him,” we all know all Hell would be breaking loose on your end over how he didn’t deserve it. Yes, the guy has made some mistakes, obviously; but there is no reason to be hoping or suggesting that he should have just been shot. You people are sickening to even view it that way.

  • GTA

    He had his 15 minutes of fame, hopefully he’ll get his 15 years of shame, although this confused brat probably likes being in prison with his own kind?

  • David

    You all are ridiculous! What would y’all do if that was your son brother grand son or any relative. None of u would be saying what u have said! Everyone makes mistakes it’s life nobody is perfect! So if u just gunna talk stupid or degrade him just keep ur comments to yourself.

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