Man Killed In Fayetteville Motorcycle Wreck Identified

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Robert Robinson, 23, of Fayetteville has been identified as the man who was killed Saturday (Feb. 8) in a motorcycle wreck in Fayetteville, police said on Sunday (Feb. 9).

Robinson, the driver of the motorcycle, rear-ended a Toyota Corolla in front of Butterfield Trail Village at 1923 E. Joyce Blvd. just before 2 p.m., officials said.

Robinson was riding a motorcycle in the left lane when he ran into the Toyota, which had stopped to make a left turn, police said. Investigators said witnesses told them the motorcycle was going fast and tried to swerve to miss the car. Robinson was knocked off the motorcycle, and a Nissan Xterra in the right lane ran him over, investigators said.

No other injuries were reported, officials said.


  • BC

    I was involved in this horrible horrible accident. The young man lost his life and will forever haunt my memories. I held his hand and cried tears of sorrow for him and his family. After having seen this video tonight while the horror is still so fresh in my minds eye, I am appalled to see how the scene was staged. That helmet and his tennis shoes were not in that area of the road, in fact I held that helmet in my arms thinking foolishly that holding onto it, would someone cause him to hold on as well. I held that helmet until the officers took it from me. And at no time was it ever in that area, nor were his shoes. Why do this? Was it necessary to embellish an already heart achingly incident? How can the media justify doing this. I realize it’s a small thing, but to me there was no need to photograph this, when it is completely unreal and untrue.

    • Mr Free Blue Sky

      having worked as a news photographer I feel it is my duty to tell folks that ALL news photos are staged and or posed. William Cooksey of the NWA times was a master of taking photos that were totally posed but they looked so natural.

      I was taught in journalism school at the U of A to pose my shots and to make things appear to be natural.

      and that’s just the way that it’s done.

    • Hudson

      BC, I am sorry to hear that you were somehow involved in such a tragedy, this will stay with you for years.
      8 yrs ago this Feb.14th, we lost my brother on a MC. The man was southbound on College, made a left on Harld Ave (right next to Flying Burrito). My brother was on his way to S’Dale to have dinner with my family, my mother included. My older brother and his friends had heard about this and raced to the scene. The Fay police and other rescue depts were on scene and all were so disrespectful to my brother & his friends that were with him.
      To this day, nobody has even contacted my mother. I’m not sure if these people, media included just get calased to such events they see everyday or what causes them to be so heartless.

      The media is to blame as well, in my opinion only) when Paul Walker was involved in that horrific accident. The media didnt respect Mr.Wakers daughter, family, or his friends when they decided to post and splatter those pictures EVERYWHERE. It’s so unfair & disturbing, I will never understand why. Again, I am truly sorry that you had to be involved such a tragedy.

    • Mary L.

      I heard what happened that day from a friend. I’m so sorry that happened. Thank you for being there for Robbie as much as you could after the accident.

  • Stephanie

    This is sad we live in the apartments that it happend next to and just came upon this right after it happend.

  • MH

    Is that in the area where there is no turn lane. While speed may have been the cause in this case, there are close calls in that area daily due to heavy traffic turning left into businesses and apts. Maybe Fayetteville needs to consider continuing the turn lane in that area. Prayers for the young man and his family and those who had to witness such a traumatic accident.

  • Mary

    Common sense should tell you that the helmet and shoes were not “staged” there. Had they been “staged” they would not have been placed right next to each other in a neat arrangement. The authorities would never allow the media to “stage” this. Rather likely what happened is one of the authorities placed the items there while they were cleaning up/investigating. Get a grip people.

      • Mary

        Actually no she didn’t, Stephanie. Read it again. She saw the video and where the helmet and shoes were positioned in the video which is not where they were when she was there. Last time she saw the helmet the police officer had taken it from her.

      • linda

        Mary does need to go back and read the first comment. That person was there and she knows what she saw. You are right

      • Mandy

        No.. Mary is correct. The first commenter said that “at no time” were the items there. She did not see them place it there.. The first time she saw them there was when she saw the video and her comment was a reaction to seeing them moved. (I agree that it wasn’t “staged” bit simply were the authorities placed them for the time being. But obviously the first commenter is experiencing trauma and people need to be gentle. We should be focused on the loss of life and those left behind to suffer.. Not debating whose reading comprehension needs work).

  • Mary

    No, you two need lessons on reading comprehension. The original commentor did not see media stage the scene. She assumes so because the helmet and shoes were not where she saw them last. And she is wrong.

    • Mary L.

      It doesn’t matter where the shoes or the helmet were. Robbie lost his life which is what this whole thing is about. Arguing over shoe placement is stupid.

  • Christina

    Seriously people it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong, a young man died and his family and friends are hurting right now no matter who’s fault the accident was what happened what matters is that life was lost and instead of fighting over what was stated in a previous comment just a step back and pray for the family, friends and others who this effects. It’s someone’s life, someone’s brother, son, boyfriend, friend, cousin, ect.. Get a grip and let it go…. God knows what truly happened what was staged where this was and where that was. Prayers to ALL his family and friends. God bless you all!!! RIP!!!

  • Donny

    Look at the position of the helmet at :17 and then at :25, that helmet was clearly repositioned. It could have been for a number of reasons, but it was clearly repositioned after the shoes were laid next to it.

    I guess many didn’t read Mr. Free Blue Sky’s comments, otherwise many wouldn’t have left such ridiculous comments.

    It is also ridiculous that one would attack another’s comments instead of offer condolences tot he family of this young man.

  • Michelle Ford Somers

    Robbie was one of my son in law’s best friends, and he was a good friend to two of my daughters. We could care less if the scene was staged for the cameras or photo op’s. We just want Robbie back. This world lost a very good young man on Saturday. Hearts are heavy and broken here in Miami, Ok.

  • Katherine

    Why do you cruel people like to argue! The young man is dead ok! This not about argument who’s right and who’s wrong!

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