Porn Disagreement Leads To Moonshine Still Arrest, Police Say

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A West Fork couple faces felony charges after police say they found a still for making alcohol illegally in their home.

Frank Adams, 49, and Margaret Smith, 44, were arrested Saturday (Feb. 8) in connection with felony possession of an illicit still, police said.

When police arrived at the West Fork house, they said Smith was in the garage with a car engine running, saying she wanted to kill herself by carbon monoxide poisoning.

The court papers state Smith told officers she was upset because Adams, her boyfriend, was viewing internet pornography. Police said while talking with Smith, they discovered an illicit still for making alcohol.

According to court papers, the still included a white five-gallon bucket with a copper worm and pressure cooker, which police say contained the heavy odor of an intoxicating beverage.

John Ritchie said he has lived in West Fork for 30 years and that something happening like this is surprising.

"We have had some problems with drugs in town, but that's everywhere you go," he said. "Nothing major has happened in this town for quite some time."

Billy Bowden, a local man, said such situations could happen in a town of any size.

"People are going to do what they want to do and that's all that's to it," he said. "Small towns aren't going to stop them, big cities aren't going to stop them."

Adams and Smith were released from the Washington County Detention Center on a $2,500 bond on Saturday, police said. They next court date is scheduled for Feb. 26, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.


  • Parrot Sarnoso

    What about those “home made” beer making machines you buy at the internet?, are they illegal too?

  • Deberator

    Agreed kelly, I feel bad for this family especially bc1st of all, the paper got more than half this story wrong and 2ndly that cop has turned over personal info. to reporters bc he has a hidden agenda to get the “husband” not boyfriend,fired. There was no working STILL and that family trusted him to find them help, instead he turned it into their worst nightmare. There daughter can’t even go to school without harassment.I hope their lawyer chews this up and spits it out, the cop and his family are humiliated for faults accusations and they counter sue rather than loosing their jobs…but at any rate the damage for that lil girl in her community is already done. Shame on that officer.

  • Jeff King

    Home distilling is still illegal at the federal level in the US for one reason and it’s not tax dollars, it’s Big Liquor using their bought and paid for congressmen to stop the 8 bills that have been put forth over the last 20 years to change this law.

    When beer was legalized in the ’70 it started the micro beer boom and beer sales in the US actually went UP! And so did tax revenue. And the same thing would happen with Liquor. The problem is that it created a shift in the market and the big beer makers lost market share to start ups. Big Liquor saw this and has moved to block any such change in their markets.

    I’m the author of The Home Distiller’s workbook and leading advocate for legalization. If you know these people please have their lawyer contact me if they would like any expert testimony on their behalf.

    Join the cause on our facebook page at

  • commissionpro

    What the police did themselves was illegal…it is not illegal to own a moonshine still….it can be use for water purification….distilling to make alcohol is illegal….so by just having a still is not wrong.

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