All-Clear Declared In Bomb Threat At West Fork School

Officials cleared the scene in a bomb threat at West Fork Middle School at about noon on Tuesday (Feb. 11), allowing students to return to class.

About 400 middle school students were evacuated to the high school gym after a note was discovered in a boys’ restroom around 10 a.m. Tuesday, referring to a bomb threat, Superintendent John Karnes said.

Bomb-sniffing dogs from the University of Arkansas Police Department were at the site early Tuesday before the all-clear signal was given.

Karnes said the same middle school student who brought the note to the principal’s office is the one who wrote it. Administrators were able to determine the author after looking through surveillance video.

“It’s unfortunate this happened, I want to apologize to our parents and to our students for the scare but I’m confident that it’s resolved,” Karnes said.

Karnes said the school district contacted the student’s parents and has handed this case to police. He said they’ll determine at a later time if the student will be suspended.

Some parents took their students out of school early after receiving a phone message regarding the bomb threat.

Rhonda Shipman said she came to get her granddaughter Nikki, who’s a high school student.

“I don’t like the what ifs, I rather not take the chance,” Shipman said.

Nikki said she was in Spanish class when the principal went on the intercom telling teachers to keep students inside.

“It was scary,” Nikki said.

Karnes said teachers handled the situation in the best way.

“Anything like that is stressful and I thought they did a great job of dealing with it and keeping our kids safe,” he said.

The West Fork School District had been out of school because of icy conditions all last week and Monday. This was their first day back. Students have had 18 snow days so far.


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