Garrett’s Blog: Winter Season In Context

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Thought I would take a look at last year vs this year’s temperatures for both Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley.

In this graphic you can see last year in orange and this year in blue. The numbers displayed represent the mean daily temperature for both Fayetteville and Fort Smith (Every day’s high and low temperatures from both FYV and FSM averaged together;  note that the graph is incomplete because the Feb number for this year runs thru the 12th whereas in 2013 it runs thru the 28th.)

Mean Average “Normal” temperatures for FYV/FSM are Dec: 39.4º, Jan: 37.5º, Feb: 41.95º.

This graph just illustrates what many of you already know… this has been a brutal winter. Not only below normal, but also extremely colder than last year by as much as 5-15º


Image 331

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