Man Who Burned His Girlfriend With Gasoline Sentenced To Death

Posted on: 3:31 pm, February 12, 2014, by

kristi ferguson cropped

Donnie Lee Harris, 31, a man convicted of killing his girlfriend by setting her ablaze with gasoline was sentenced to death today in a hearing by Judge Jon Sullivan, according to the Leflore County District Attorney.

He is set to be transported from the Leflore County Jail to the state penitentiary within ten days.

In Oklahoma, the death penalty results in an automatic appeal.

Harris was convicted in Dec., 2013 of covering his girlfriend Kristi Ferguson, 25, with gasoline, then lighting her on fire. Ferguson suffered severe burns and later died from her injuries at a burn center in Oklahoma City, officials said.


  • cmc080704 says:

    Too bad they can’t execute him the same way he killed his girlfriend…

  • Glenn says:

    Burn him at the stake!

  • Mike Boatman says:

    That’s exactly what the punishment should be but the ACLU would sue saying it’s ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment. Yeah, it really was, if the young lady were still alive she’d agree. Smoke him!

    • i know says:

      If she was here it wouldn’t be like this. None of u know the truth and what is being flaunted as the truth isn’t at all what went on. I don’t care who talks down on my comment because i know what really was going on. Its way bigger than what anyone has saw threw the media.

  • HL says:

    I hope this sadistic piece of human waste dies a very unpleasant death. That is about as cruel as a person can get.

  • Elaine Cook says:

    I wonder how many priors for domestic abuse this guy had?

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