Video Shows Punch That Ended Deadly Club Fight

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A 29-year-old man is behind bars after police say he is suspected of fighting at a Fort Smith night club with a man who later died.

Dustin Smith was arrested early Monday morning on suspicion of violating his parole. He is also being investigated in the fight at the club that left one man dead, said Sgt. Daniel Grubbs, Fort Smith Police Department spokesman. Grubbs said the man is not under arrest on suspicion of the victim's death.

The video above shows the fight, in which it appears one man punches another man at the club. Police said the offender connected with a single punch, with the victim later dying in the hospital.

Paul Weaver, 38, of Van Buren died Monday night after the altercation, officials said.

Weaver had gone to the Foxfire Club on Towson Avenue Sunday night (Feb. 9) with a close friend, according to his mother, Patricia Ann Weaver. His mother said Weaver at some point got into an argument with someone at the nightclub and a fight broke out.

Authorities said they received a call about the incident around 7:25 a.m. on Monday. When authorities arrived at the site, they said they found Weaver on the ground, covered in a blanket.

Investigators said he had a minor facial injury and was unresponsive at that time. He was then taken to Sparks Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition. Grubbs said he was then transported to Peachtree Hospice in Fort Smith, where he was pronounced dead at 8:45 p.m. Monday.

Authorities said the friend who was with Weaver at the nightclub told them that the victim and Smith were the two who fought.

Smith is being held at the Sebastian County Detention Center without bond, according to Investigator Philip Pevehouse.

The case is still under investigation and more charges are possible, authorities said.

Grubbs said Smith has admitted to to punching Weaver one time after being approached aggressively.

Weaver's body has been sent to the State Crime Lab in Little Rock for an autopsy, according to authorities.

Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith


  • dirtylittletown

    Who goes to a club with their mother?

    This goes to show how easy it is to accidently kill someone, and it destroys their life and your life at the same time.

    Also shows how there’s nothing to do in a town like Fort Smith.

    • Misty

      He did not go to the club with his mother! Please read before commenting! This is a tragic loss for our family and friends. Paul was amazing and kind to everyone. He didn’t deserve his life taken! Please be respectful.

      • Jessica vanmatre

        Misty… I knew Paul for some time. I was the bar manager out there and got to know Paul pretty well! He was an amazing person and did not deserve that. And from what I seen Paul didn’t walk up with his hands up like he was wanting to fight… looked as if he was holding an beer in the left hand which was the hand closest to the other guy. I want to know why he pushed him back down after he hit him once. And where was the bar tender when the first hit was thrown… This is why I quit the foxfire I refuse to work where this kind of behavior is acceptable. .. I think that both should be responsible! I’m very sorry to hear about this and it’s very sad. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family

    • ashleydawno4

      I have known Paul my whole life pretty much. Because he went out for a couple drinks doesn’t mean he deserved to die nor does it make him a bad person! Paul was one of the kindest people I knew, would have done anything for anyone. No, Patricia was not at the bar with him. He was with the “friend” who left him in the yard. Please show some respect for his family not to trash talk. He left behind a wonderful mother and sister and a new baby niece. This family has been through enough, they don’t need to read this trash.

  • Kimberly

    To dirty little town…read the article again honey. He wasn’t with his mother, he went with a friend. They interviewed his Mother.your a special kind of stupid aren’t you? Besides even if he went with his mother who are you to judge? Isn’t the real point that a man died. Have a great day and I hope you never go through what his mother is going through right now.

    • CB

      To Kimberly.. Calling people names and being a smart a@@,… there goes any credibility you had. I’m guessing your kids/family/husband get the same treatment from you at home…Sad.

  • Been a victim of parole violating thugs

    Read the article. It is sad about a death but the thing that caught my eye was Smith was out on parole. Read the police reports in the news paper…….99% of the reports say the same thing “Violating their parole” Leave them in prison and cut way down on stupid crimes like this.

  • A volunteer

    Everyone knows there is a higher risk of being involved in an altercation at a bar or nightclub because of jealousy and drinking too much. Not much details to pass judgment on what really happened but people know the risk of going to these places especially during the peak times of being tanked up. Just a night out for good time gone bad and someone losing a life.

  • CB

    Well….I can say with pride I have NO arrest record and I’m 52 years old. So you would be wrong ‘Realist’. Can you say the same thing?

  • CJ

    My ex husband grew up with Paul. I’ve known him since I was 17 no one deserved this. A fight is one thing but to step over that fine line is another. Paul will be greatly missed and to his family my prayers are with you. Paul, you are greatly missed my friend!

  • Jimmy

    I’m sorry, but you don’t “go out for a couple of drinks” at the Foxfire club. That place is like dopehead haven.. it’s trashy and trashy people go there.

  • ashleydawno4

    He wasn’t a dope head if that’s what you are insinuating? Also, who even cares if he went to have one drink or went to have fifty drinks? It should not matter what-so-ever! Paul was a great man. He helped my grandparents with anything they ever asked of him. He’d have done that for anyone. Where he chose to hang out should not even matter. The facts are that a fight happened and someone died as a result. Other facts are that the person who killed him was on probation and was breaking that by being in the bar in the first place!

  • ashleydawno4

    Also, he was far from trashy. I don’t understand how people can trash talk deceased people. Show some respect for him and his mourning family and friends!

  • ashleydawno4

    What a heartless jerk! There is more to it than what was shown. Who cares if it was one hit or twenty? Someone DIED at the hands of another man.

  • bob

    rule of thumb here do not get into a bar fight. Some times it takes a bigger man to back down from a argument rather then getting into a fight which would only lead to some one dieing or both yours a**es going to jail.

    • Misty

      Let me tell you all something. All these ugly and character tearing comments are uncalled for! If you don’t have anything nice to say or regards to give DON’T COMMENT! Are you that lonely and bored that you must stomp a good man’s name? Really? It’s not a crime to go to a bar UNLESS ON PAROLE which Smith was! It’s not a crime to have some drinks UNLESS YOUR VIOLENCE KILLED SOMEONE which Smith contributed! One punch if done right can kill someone! Whether it was 1, 1000 or whatever the point is Paul was taken from us. Paul was a gentle man who cared for ppl. Paul was not a violent man. I do not know how some of you look at yourself in the mirror. I couldn’t stand my own reflection if I ever said what I have read. So blessed I was raised better and to be respectful even if I didn’t know them! I pray protection for each your family and friends. I hope none of you have to go through what we have this week and days/years after! Paul was one of kind and he will not smeared due to stupidity! Paul suffered from a brain stem injury due to this so get the facts straight as he didn’t die from a black eye or busted lip! So please remember to show some class. May justice be served and Paul is remembered for the man he is and could’ve been if someone didn’t take him from us!

  • Smdh

    First of all ,Yes one punch can kill someone if they fall and hit there head causing bleeding on the brain. Second where the hell was the bartender and why did they wait 2 hours and 25 min to notify the police. The place didn’t look very busy to me so the bartender had to have been aware of the “argument ” before smith punched weaver, I mean if paul was really the one who was being aggressive( which I don’t believe for one second that he was ) then why did the bartender not make him leave before the fight ever took place. I started bartending when I turned 21 now I own a bar and 99.9% of the time you can spot trouble before it ever starts by simply reading the patrons body language, so the person working is just as responsible for that mans death as the one who threw the punch, IF after the altercation they could not wake weaver up the bartender should have call 911 immediately, that mans life might have been spared if the “Sober ” person in the mix (the bartender )would have just done what he should have done and called for help.

    • Jessica vanmatre

      Very true….. Paul will be missed!! He was one of my favorite customers!!! And the disrespect from others I’ll be praying for you….

  • sdb

    I have to agree with smdh their is alot more of the store that is not being told. I’m a bartender also and been doing it for a while and I can tell when trouble is about to start. I don’t understand why they didn’t call 911 immediately not just that why in the Hell did they move the body? And they also said a friend was checking on him all night, some friend they were not call 911. And my gosh people have a little respect for the family when you are making your smarta@@ comments. Praying for the family!

  • Denise Smith

    My heart goes out to Paul’s family during this difficult time. Paul was a very sweet person from what I knew of him. My prayers are with his famiy. Rest in peace Paul you will be greatly missed

  • Gary Brown

    from watching the video it looks like he he got up in the wrong persons face.. he bit off more then he could chew this time. he was probably trying to act tough or reenact some tough guy scene from a movie. he got knocd the f@#k out..

    • Gary Brown

      you people watch too much tv , this is what happens…. the other guy shouldn’t have been in the bar because he was on parole. he shouldn’t have been in the bar but he was. well this paul fella shouldn’t have came over posturing like he was Rocky, his exaggerated drunken swagger was probably interpreted as a threat and the parolee acted on instinct.. ol paul should have been at home watching ufc reruns instead of at the bar flexing his testosterone.

      • AGT C

        Gary its always the same thing with people somebody from their family is a poo starter and gets hurt and then becomes the greatest person in the world.Go figure.

  • ashleydawno4

    Gary, I knew Paul personally and he wasn’t an aggressive person. There is audio which the family has heard and Paul was NOT the aggressor.

  • AGT C

    From the video it looks like Weaver walked up to the man looking for a fight and got a fight.Looks like the other guy was minding his own business.Video cameras say lots to me.If you cant handle your alcohol then do not go to bars.By the way are they sure the punch killed him and that he didn’t freeze to death sleeping on the street?

    • Gary Brown

      true. he passed out drunk in the street in freezing weather after letting his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird ahhhsss. so did he freeze to death? someone should have properly lined his clothing with newspaper.

  • sdb

    Gary maybe you should get fact before you open your alligator mouth. He was picked up and thrown over someone shoulder that took him out of the bar. Some of you people have no respect. I’m sure if this was your family you wouldn’t appreciate some of the comments that are being made.

  • ashleydawno4

    Paul did not walk out of that bar. His brain stem was herniated BEFORE he was ever carried out by his “friend”.

    • AGT C

      So his friend just left him on a street corner?If he was that hurt why didn’t this friend take him to hospital instead of covering him up on a street corner?

  • ashleydawno4

    Just so everyone knows, it is still under investigation and the news only posts what they hear, wait until the whole story unfolds. Paul did not deserve this. My family heard the audio and it shows that Dustin Smith was bullying Paul. People are even overheard calling him a bully while other idiots cheered it on!

  • Micah Rowland

    I pray for both families weavers and the smith/bailey family I have known Dustin my whole life grew up together played ball and went to school hunted fished he’s a lot like a brother to me I can tell you and promise that this mans death was never and intention of his by watch in what happened on video was Dustin felt threatened an so he reacted by a punch .the thing that I don’t understand is were and what happened to Mr weavers friend why would he leave him out side in the cold for so long the cold freezen air will kill u alone by itself to me there is more or this sounds fishy Dustin my prayer to ur family and the Micah Rowland

    • Bigmike Martin

      thats what i was wondering what happened between the knock out and and the time police found him blocks down the road? why did police not show at the bar? who covered him with a blanket? more to the story for sure.

      • ashleydawno4

        The bartender (the owners son) never liked Paul, he never called the police or 911, he let them drag Paul out of the bar unconscious.

      • ashleydawno4

        The person who covered Paul with the blanket is the same person who took Paul from the bar. He was not a friend but just some guy Paul met at the bar a week prior. 5news called him a friend but he wasn’t.

  • ashleydawno4

    He wasn’t really Paul’s friend, 5news called him a friend, he was just some guy from the bar. They passed sparks hospital on their way to the guys house and never bothered dropping Paul off there… Insane.

  • shellygirl

    It just goes to show how much trouble you can get into just going out for a couple of drinks. Word to the wise….

  • ashleydawno4

    For those who haven’t figured it out yet, this is a cell phone video taken from behind the bar. The bartender that night (the owners son) never liked Paul. Seems like a set up to me. How else would they have known to start recording long before the hit happened? And to stop recording after the hit. Not to mention people chanting and even one or two calling Dustin a bully. There are cameras from the bar too but that footage has not been released to the public yet.

  • kali

    Paul is a very good friend of me and my husband we both have known Paul for some time now and he would do anything for anyone. He does not like drama he keeps to himself but when he is around his friends he is kind and sweet and thoughtful and fun very fun! These people who are making judgments on Paul and his family I hope karma takes her toll on you and Ross you s new one. There is a lot being un told about this but it will come out and justice will be served. Paul will get the justice he deserves. Love you Paul you will forever be in me and Dustin prayers and thoughts and direct in our heart.

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