Officer Charged With Pulling Gun At Bar Reaches Plea Deal

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Booking photo of Jeffery Harris

The former officer accused of pulling a gun at a Fayetteville bar last year reached a plea deal at the courthouse Thursday, interrupting the second day in his aggravated assault trial.

Former Little Rock officer Jeffery Harris’ trial began Wednesday in Washington County Circuit Court. He pleaded out with prosecutors Thursday before the case progressed past mid-day, according to Judge Mark Lindsay’s office.

Harris pleaded “no contest” to misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment, receiving a one-year suspended prison sentence, along with a $1,500 fine, said prosecutor Marc McCune. He was also ordered to pay $170 in court costs.

Along with aggravated assault, Harris was also charged with disorderly conduct and harassment following his arrest, according to court documents. He pleaded not guilty to all charges in August 2013.

Another officer Harris was with at the time, Rex Frederick, pleaded guilty in November to charges of harassment and disorderly conduct. He received a 12-month suspended sentence and one day in jail, according to court documents.

Both officers were fired from their respective police departments following an altercation in April 2013 at Billy’s Bar and Grill in Fayetteville. Surveillance video from the bar that night apparently shows at least one of the two policemen with a gun drawn inside the bar during a verbal altercation.

Frederick was fired from the Prairie Grove Police Department later that month, while Harris was fired from the Little Rock Police Department in September, according to the men’s termination letters. Harris’ termination letter states he was drunk, drew his weapon and “recklessly waived it at patrons of the bar.”

The two officers were arrested Aug. 1 on suspicion of disorderly conduct and harassment, according to Crawford County Prosecuting Attorney Marc McCune, who was appointed special prosecutor in the case.

Harris also was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Frederick was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Aug. 1 and released a short time later on a $2,500 bond. Harris was briefly booked on the same day and also was released on a $2,500 bond, records show.

Adam Morano, the manager at Billy’s, said the incident happened after the bar owner’s son asked a visitor to leave because he and two friends had been causing problems with a group of regulars called the Polecats, who were participating in the bar’s Karaoke night.

Three days after the incident, Frederick and Harris were suspended from duty with pay.

The two off-duty officers were not arrested the night of the incident, nor were they given breathalyzers or blood-alcohol tests, police said. Officials said both officers had been drinking.

Fayetteville Police Chief Greg Tabor said the two weren’t arrested at the scene because of conflicting statements from witnesses.

“The disturbance was over when we arrived,” he said. “A lot of the facts were disputed. I think the only thing that wasn’t disputed is that the officers had too much to drink.”

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  • joesumone

    Can’t wait to see what slap-on-the-wrist sentence this guy gets. Citizen Jane or Joe goes to prison, for the same crime, while former cops…

  • Sarah 1

    Same as his buddy. Twelve months suspended with one night in jail.
    Imagine if that had been two black or Asian youths with guns drawn pointing at strangers. They would have been put away for ten years. Justice needs to be equal for all.

  • Rhonda Mabry

    of course; nothing more than a slap on the wrist…….and you are right Sarah 1……..if it had been basically ANYONE else besides a couple of cops, they would lock the door and throw away the key…….there is NO justice!

  • diane brown

    Could of should of…its amazing how people would make ignorant comments…making it as far as a racial thing…Monday quarter backs…its funny how everyone hates the police and only like them when they need them…social media, the news only show half of the truth…I wasn’t there…that’s the problem …”I saw it on facebook, YouTube or the news” must be true….

  • Sarah 1

    Diane: Mr. Harris broke the law. There is equal protection under the rule of law. Check out the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.
    Conjecture on your part about not liking the police. I totally disagree but when they break the law, the penalties should be equal for all.

    • diane brown

      Sarah…I ask you and everyone…where you there? Do you know all the facts…I wasn’t there when it actually happened…but I was there in court just to see what was going on…it was very interesting ….a lot of lies going on by so called I said its so easy for all of us to judge before actually knowing the FACTS..that is al.

  • Sarah 1

    Diane: A fair point you make, I was not in court but I did read accounts from three sources. I stand by my assessment.

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