Rogers Teen Arrested For Terroristic Threatening And False Imprisonment

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A Rogers teen was arrested on charges of terroristic threatening and false imprisonment on Wednesday (Feb. 12). Both of the charges are Class D Felonies.

He was identified as Kyle Tripp, 18, according to a news release from the Rogers Police Department.

The Rogers Police Department began an investigation of Tripp on Jan. 30, after Anthony Gilliam, 19, of Rogers, claimed Tripp put a pillow case over his head, held a knife to his neck, and threatened to cut his throat.

Tripp is currently being held at the Benton County Sheriff’s Office and waiting for a bond hearing, according to the news release.


  • exhausted

    Why is it that every time a violent crime is committed someone has to blame video games? A person has to be predisposed to that kind of behavior (mental illness) before it could influence them in that way.

    Just like guns don’t kill people, people do. Video games don’t make people violent, mental illness does.

    Quit trying to ban video games and do something about the mental health policies in this country instead.

  • CQ

    Well, after looking at his Facebook, it appears he has some young girl preggo… He’s only 18, she looks younger. Just your typical southern white trash, probably supported by taxpayers.

    • virginia cannady

      look she 17 year old she not white trash plz stop call her that not nice call my daughter that way if you was in her shoes what will ppl call u thank a bout it yea she 5 moth pg ok plz if you call my daughter white trash plz no more it make my daughter cry k when if was ur daughter some sall her boy friend on their an some come call prago white trash would u be pist to let me no ok

  • Jenn

    What a mess! Hopefully the parents become more involved at least with the pregnant girlfriend and give this baby a shot at a decent life. I hope this is a wake up call for all of them.

  • virginia cannady

    yea I will help my daughter with my granddaughter no mater what happen iam their for my daughter I love my kids and she need help iam their she go school she a 11grand this year she be 18 come up this year so yea my parents was thair with my kids I be their for my kids so yea it my frist granddaughter ok and she love her boyfriend a lot so in got eny more bad com plz stop

  • virginia cannady

    ppl and not about vido games k so plz just try say some thing nice love my family god bless the THE U.S.A

    • annonymous

      Ur right Virginia. Its not about the video games. U need to worry about the safety of ur pregnant child and of ur future grandchild. But i would not have a mad man around my child for any reason. What if that child got in trouble and he tried something like what he did to Anthony to that child. U need to think about the safety of ur children before u think about the safety of their relationships okay

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