Cold Has Energy Bills At 3-Year High

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An icy, snowy winter left many Arkansans with dents in their wallets in the form of higher energy bills, according to a local electric company.

Due to one of the coldest arctic outbreaks in two decades, the bitter cold and well-below normal temperatures have heating and electric costs at a three-year high, according to Ozarks Electric Cooperative in Fayetteville.

"I have noticed my energy bill go up, especially for my business," said Pat Wheeler, a Fayetteville man, although he wasn't sure the cold was to blame.

Penny Storms, an electric company spokeswoman, said the additional energy consumption this winter has led to more expensive heating bills, as people crank up their thermostats to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Storms said some people are seeing bills that are at least 50 percent higher this year than in 2013. To save on an energy bill, consumers should either retrofit or build for energy efficiency.

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  • manuel labor

    well with OG&E putting in smart meters and saying im using more than quadruple the amount of energy as the previous 5 years. Its amazing having a new energy efficicient home that uses more energy than anyone i know with a house that has more energy saving options than a greenhouse.. In short OG&E needs a serious makeover in how they monitor there electricity…

  • Shell

    I know our bill with Arkansas Valley had more than doubled for the month of January. Our bill is usually 130 to 150 for the month but in January it was $417 which is outrageous this bill was for the month we had all the Ice and we didn’t have electric for 5 days. This months bill went down to 334 which is still awful considering we used the fireplace for most of the month so we could get our bill down. My husband and I are both unemployed and this Is really cutting into our budget.

    • manuel labor

      Yeah its horrible. We were out of power for 3 hours and when i got online to check my energy usage they were still charging me while my electricity was off. Another thing is how my electric bill is fairly reasonable but when you add in the recovery fee they always charge its always 90 bucks or more. Strange how I get charged for s recovery fee when I haven’t lost electricity.. When you call in to Og&e they always say ” well sir maybe you need to have an electrician come out and check for an electrical leak”. Didnt realize my electricity came out of a faucet lol..

  • Cost

    We have swepco and our bill went from avg 115 a month to 354 the month of January and I called and asked how that’s possible w electric being out for those 5 days and the thermostat still at same. They said that it was an ” estimate” reading. That due to weather and them nt beig able to get out and read our meter that they had to “estimate” from the ppl that rented here previously back in those months.
    Sounds strange to me. Basically paying for ppl that rented before us usage and not our own. But thy did do the ” level billing” where’s it’s a monthly average u pay every month instead of fluctuating so much.

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