Springdale Man Arrested In SWAT Standoff

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The Springdale Police Department early Friday (Feb. 14) arrested 24-year-old Johnathon Fuller after a standoff in Springdale, officials said.

Fuller was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation, said Lt. Derek Hudson, police spokesman. No one was hurt in this incident.

Hudson said firefighters earlier had responded to a medical emergency at 2685 Ponchartrain Road and transported a young man to Northwest Medical Center-Springdale, where he died of an apparent drug overdose. The man was later identified by police as Joseph Fuller, 26.

Hudson said Johnathon Fuller arrived at the hospital and threatened to kill others who he thought were responsible for the death.

"He told family members he was going to get guns and shoot at the individuals," Hudson said.

Fuller drove to 3080 Twin County Street and barricaded himself with weapons, included rifles, Hudson said. The SWAT members and hostage negotiations were called to the scene, and neighbors were evacuated.

The suspect would not initially come out of the house but eventually was taken into custody, officials said.


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  • Jenn

    Sad. My condolences to him and the family that suffered the loss of the other young man. I hope the other gets some help dealing with his grief and temper once the police release him. Some people just can’t process this sort of trauma rationally. I am glad Springdale Swat stepped in and no one else was hurt.

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