Springdale Police Department Offers Warrant Amnesty Week

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Photo courtesy of the Springdale Police Department.

The Springdale Police Department is offering a warrant amnesty week from Feb. 17 through Feb. 27. This applies to Springdale Police Department non-violent warrants only, according to Lt. Derek Hudson with the Springdale Police Department.

“Amnesty week does NOT dismiss any charges. However, it does provide an opportunity for anyone with outstanding warrants to turn themselves in and be released with a court date without having to post a bond. The person can then work with the judge, prosecutor and their attorney to get the matter resolved quickly,” Hudson stated in a news release.

During the amnesty week, the Springdale Police Department and Springdale District Court will also be doing a food drive to help the community.

So, in order to be eligible for warrant amnesty, people need to donate two non-perishable food items when turning themselves in.

All the items that are collected will be donated to a local food bank to help less-fortunate families in the area. In this way, the food items will be taken instead of a bond.

“Last year, the Springdale Police conducted a Warrant Amnesty Week and cleared nearly 50 warrants in just a few days,” Hudson stated in his news release.

For more information, contact the Springdale Police Department warrants division by calling 479-750-8568.