HealthWatch: The Vampire Facelift

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The Vampire Facelift is a medical procedure sweeping Hollywood and is now being offered in our area.

Dr. David W. Furr, owner of Image Quest Medical in Springdale and Roland, said it gets its name because you use your own blood.

“You could do it on your lunch time and go back to work,” Dr. Furr said. “There's no down time. There's no scarring."

He said only a couple of table spoons of blood are drawn for the procedure. The blood is transformed with platelet rich plasma, added with a chemical, and injected into the desired area to trick your skin to release growth factors that activate new stem cells, according to Dr. Furr.

"You can actually watch it diffuse and smooth out that skin, and fine lines and deep line are gone," Dr. Furr said.

The Vampire Facelift isn’t just for your face. Dr. Furr said the process is pain free because they use numbing cream. It can transform other areas of the body and even grow hair for bald men.

“The best part is, it improves over the next three months and lasts for one to two years," Dr. Furr said.

Dr. Furr called the Vampire Facelift a game-changer in the aspects of medicine.

"My goal is for when they walk out, someone to notice something's different, 'Wow, you look good. You look refreshed,' but they can't put their finger on it," said Dr. Furr.

Dr. Furr said Image Quest Medical is the only facility offering the Vampire Facelift in Northwest Arkansas at this time. Their staff began performing the procedure two weeks ago, and the response has been incredible, according to Dr. Furr.

You can find more information about the Vampire Facelift and Image Quest Medical by looking at their website or Facebook page.