Valentine’s Day Boosts Sales At Local Restaurants

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The weather has not been good for business at some local restaurants in Fort Smith. Many restaurants saw a major slow down with winter weather in early January and February, but they are getting a business boost this Valentine’s Day.

Taliano’s in Fort Smith has had more than 40 Valentines Day’s under their belt. The owners said their tables were full and lots of sales were made.

“Probably three to four thousand dollars,” said owner Tom Caldarera.

Local restaurant owners said Valentine’s Day is helping them catch up in sales.

“It was pretty slow for a while,” said Caldarera.

At Movie Lounge in Fort Smith, executive chef Blythe Beck said the same thing.

"We always worry when weather affects business. If we get snow or we get ice, you do worry," Beck said.

Beck said the restaurant took reservations as early as 2013 for Valentine’s Day.

The restaurants said their other big holidays are Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Thanksgiving.