Police: 7-Year-Old Boy Hit By UA Transit Bus

A 7-year-old boy was run over by a University of Arkansas transit bus in Fayetteville Saturday afternoon (Feb. 15), police say.

Sgt. Craig Stout, Fayetteville Police Department spokesman, said the boy was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center in “bad” condition.

Crews on the scene told 5NEWS the boy was playing chase with other kids and ran out into the street, but he didn’t see the bus.

“Bus honked it’s horn, the child recognized the bus was coming tried to get out of the way and run back into the yard but just wasnt quick enough. The bus quickly got on the breaks, but the bus traveled over the child the best we can tell,” Sgt. Shannon Gabbard said.

The boy was undergoing surgery Saturday evening, police said. Initially he was in critical condition but has since been updated to stable condition. He has been transported to Little Rock Children’s Hospital for severe leg injuries Sgt. Stout told 5NEWS reporters.

Investigators do not believe speeding contributed to the accident. The accident happened near the 500 block of Betty Jo Drive, police said. The street was blocked off by police.

Neighbor Tanya Hice said children in the neighborhood play in the street often but from now on she will make sure her children are not in the road.

“I do get on to my children if I see them around the road but however I think I’m going to primarily keep them in the back of the yard now,” Hice said.

Stay with 5NEWS for the latest updates.


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