Johnson Road Project Expected to Boost Business

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APAC Construction crews are building turning lanes off of Interstate 540 on Johnson Mill Boulevard.

Johnson Mayor Buddy Curry said it's a federally-funded $17-million project. They have been working on Johnson Mill Boulevard starting at the Johnson exit off Interstate 540 since October 2012.

It also included the extension of Johnson Mill Boulevard into a new section, which becomes Johnson Road when it crosses into Springdale. Johnson Road leads to Highway 412.

"People will be able to access off of here and actually go to 412 up through Johnson Road and miss that whole intersection and relieve a lot of traffic and it will make a good way to go to Don Tyson Parkway," Curry said.

Curry said this is a project a decade in the making between Springdale and Johnson.

"The flow will be better and we're going to cross the field and we're going to open up a lot of retail area out here," Curry said.

The UFC Gym is located on Johnson Mill Boulevard. Owner Adam Sharp said his business has been in the construction zone since it opened in late 2012.

"It hasn't been too terribly difficult, they've done a good job with traffic flow so it hasn't all that hard," Sharp said.

This project includes traffic stop lights and widening streets. Sharp said this project is expected to help business.

"We're excited about the new road," Sharp said. "I believe that it will help all of Northwest Arkansas start to flow traffic a little bit better, which will help bring more people through this area."

This part of the project is expected to be complete by late Spring or early Summer. The project was delayed because of the recent snow.