Arkansas House Votes Down ‘Private Option’

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Photo courtesy of affiliate station KTHV - Channel 11.

Legislation to continue Arkansas’ compromise Medicaid expansion was voted down in the Arkansas House of Representatives today, according to the the Arkansas state legislature website, according to a report from affiliate station KTHV – Channel 11.

The plan, had it succeeded, would have allowed funding for the so called “private option” that was approved last year.

The “private option” was an alternative to expanding Medicaid’s enrollment under Obamacare. The measure was six votes shy of the 75 it needed to pass in the 100-member House of Representatives.

With the private option, Arkansas is using federal Medicaid dollars to purchase private insurance for low-income Arkansas residents.

Read the story from affiliate station KTHV – Channel 11 by clicking here. 


  • Sarah 1

    I hope everyone remembers this important vote in November. Poor people desperately need medical care. We all know people who have passed because they could not afford to see a doctor and they waited much too long to go to the ER.
    This says something about politics in Arkansas.

    • arnold fudpucker

      The medical care has been there. Problem is all the abuses, fraud and theft by the consumers and politicians keep the cost too high. Notice the political pukes don’t address the high cost just who is going to pay. Perhaps you should have made better life choices.

  • AGT C

    I think people should have to pay for their own medical insurance.I have to pay for mine.How about get a job and work your way out of poverty instead of wanting tax payers to pay for lazy people.Sick of Obama and his pen!

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