Council Approves $3 Million Purchase Of Mount Kessler Land

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The Fayetteville City Council on Tuesday night approved a motion to buy land on Mount Kessler in an effort to build a trailhead.

The aldermen voted to allow Mayor Lioneld Jordan to apply for and accept a $1.5 million matching grant from the Walton Family Foundation. That amount, along with $1.6 million pulled from reserves, will be used to purchase 328 acres of land on Mount Kessler from Chambers Bank.

Council members passed the motion unanimously, 8-0.

Dozens of local residents showed up to the meeting for the Mount Kessler vote, forcing many to stand because of the capacity in the room.

Jeremy Pate, director of development services, told the mayor and council in a letter prior to the meeting that Mount Kessler has been identified “as a gem in the city worthy of preservation”.