Student Busted With Ammo At Fayetteville High School

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A student has been disciplined after bringing an ammunition clip to Fayetteville High School on Tuesday, according to a Fayetteville School District spokesman.

Spokesman Alan Wilbourn said he was not sure what kind of ammunition clip the student had but that administrators responded swiftly to the situation, and there was no real danger. The student did not bring a weapon to school, he said.

Another student found out about the ammunition clip and told a teacher, leading to the clip being discovered and the student being disciplined, Wilbourn said.

Principal Steve Jacoby sent an email home to parents to let them know about the situation, the spokesman said.

Wilbourn said he could not divulge the name of the student or what disciplinary measures were taken because of student privacy laws.


  • bob

    o my god better what out hes going to shot up the skool with that clip focking retarted schools. I remember when I was in school a buddy of mine found a dead hand grande and brought it to school. could image what hell fire that would bring now days

  • bob

    lol he might throw it at some one and do some damage. SMDH schools are pathetic now days! This is bout as bad as that elementary school kid who had the toy gun with the orange tip who got suspended from school that was on yahoo news last year.

  • Ben

    It’s called a MAGAZINE not a “clip”. It is sad that public schools have come to this. I can remember in high school we would come to school during deer season with loaded guns hanging in gun racks in pickups both teachers and students alike. Oh also, the schools in my area would close for Monday and Tuesday after opening weekend for the modern gun deer season.

    • Mike Boatman

      John, A magazine has a follower, the plastic or metal component the ammunition sets on, under the follower is a spring which causes the ammunition to be in position for the gun’s bolt to push a round into the chamber.
      A clip does not have a follower or spring, the gun has the follower and spring built into it. The clip only holds the ammunition, a very simple one piece unit.

  • John

    Are we becoming just a bit paranoid over this gun stuff? Suppose he brought in a screw from the handgrip?…..or heaven help, a laser sight!

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